10 Great Gear Purchases for Under $100

Gear is expensive. But I have found a few items that can be had for under $100 and put them into a list here. Do you know of some sub-$100 gear you don’t see in the list? Share it with us!

Canon 50mm F1.8

For the price, this is one of the fastest and sharpest lenses you can get for your DSLR. It is also a great lens if you are getting started.


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Nikkor Manual Prime Lens

I have talked about using manual Nikkor lenses in the past and you can always find great some glass for a good price. You can use the price filter on Keh.com or the B&H Photo Video used department to find some sub-$100 gems.


Get Yours: B&HKeh.com

Polaroid Shoulder Rig

I recently discovered this little rig and LOVE it. The build quality is incredible for the price, great little rig for run and gun handheld needs.


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Tascam DR-05 Recorder

The audio recording capabilities on most DSLRs is fairly poor. And if you loose your audio you are sunk. Thats why I never leave the house without at least 1 audio recorder. These things are great, if you are not using them with your camera or rig, set them up somewhere else for backup audio.

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LCD Viewfinder

I Remember when there were only 2 DSLR LCD Viewfinders out there and both were pretty expensive. But now there are several affordable options available.

Vello Battery Grips

I’ve talked about these before. Battery grips are great for giving your camera extra battery life, making access to batteries easier and they don’t have to be expensive.


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Lowepro Sling Camera Bag

This bag is very well designed and great for keeping your camera body and lenses close. Great solution for the light packing shooter.


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Sony MDR Pro Headphones

Can’t tell you how important a good set of headphones are. But I can tell you this, with these Sony headphones you won’t miss a thing.


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Pearstone Tripod

I’ve talked about this tripod here and here. While it isn’t the best set of sticks out there, its a lot of value for the price. Even if you have a good tripod, its always good to have a back up.


Get Yours: B&HAmazon

Gearbox Cage for DSLRs

I Recently did a review of the Gearbox cage and fell in love with it. This is a super functional rig that will work for virtually every DSLR out there.


There’s my 10, how about yours? What are your favorite sub-$100 items?