20 Gear Purchase Under $20

Don’t have a large gear budget? No worries, there is a lot of important equipment that can be had without breaking the bank. It is also getting close to Christmas… And a lot of these purchases would make for great stocking stuffers for that special filmmaker/photographer in your life.

1. Macro Tubes

Attach to the rear of your lens for fantastic macro shots on almost any lens.

2. Fader ND

Don’t have $100+ to spend on a high-end fader filter? I’ve been using this sub-$20 one for months and it has worked great.

3. Monitor Friction Arm

From mounting accessories to building rigs, these monitor arms always come in handy.

4. Nikon to Canon Lens Adapter

These are cheap enough to have one for every Nikon lens you own. Don’t know about using Nikon/Nikkor lenses on your canon? Check this post out.

5. Cold Shoe Trimount

To many accessories and not enough cold shoes? Problem solved.

6. Camera Grip

The clean, simple and discreet way to rig your camera.

7. Cold shoe

You’d be surprised how handy these are to have around

8. Speed Crank

Cheap accessory for your follow focus.

9. Monitor Adapter

These little guys are fantastic for monitors, EVFs, audio recorders and so much more.

10.Lens Brush

Got to keep that glass clean! Great addition to the camera bag.

11. 15mm Rod Mount

Fantastic little accessory for mounting anything to your 15mm Rods.

12. Lens Hoods

Cheap way to keep rays away from your sensor.

13. 5 in 1 Reflector

I always keep several of these close at hand. Such a great tool for lighting.

14. Lens Caps

You can never have enough lens caps.

15. Six Foot Light Stand

I have found having multiple backup light stands is very important when on set. You never know when you will need to use one to hold a flag, drape or mic. Always good to have extras.

16.  Short background light stand

Fantastic for getting a light source nice and low.

17. Sand Bags

I’ve talked about these before, VERY important and useful tool for every set.

18. Clamps

I don’t care how many of these I buy… I always feel like I need more.

19. Lens Gears

I love these zip tie lens gears. They work great with my Nikkor primes!

20. Camera Card Case

Keep your cards safe and organized with a case.


SD versionCF Version

There is my list. Are there any sub-$20 items you would have added?