5 Great DSLR Rigs You Can Get on the Cheap

Which rig should I get?

Next to “which lens should I buy?” this question is asked of me most. I get a ton of emails with questions on buying lenses, cameras and all kinds of other things.
After working with numerous camera rigs from several manufacturers, I have found myself recommending these 5 affordable rigs to people.

should rig 2

Polaroid DSLR Rig 

This is one of my favorite rigs right now. A flexible rig for a fantastic price.


low angle rig

Opteka X-GRIP Camera Rig

This is a great solution for people with DSLRs that sport a flip out screen.

shoulder rig

CowboyStudio Shoulder Rig

One of the first rigs I bought and still love it. And for under $30 it is a great deal.

cage rig

GearBox DSLR Video Cage

This is a great rig for anyone needing to attach multiple accessories. The GB cage is also a fantastic way to keep your camera secure and mobile.

camera grip rig

DSLR Pistol Grip

Have a camera or lens with stabilization? Need to stay ultra compact and light? Can’t get smaller than this! This is also a great solution if you use your DSLR as a director’s viewfinder.

Thats my 5. Which rigs do you use and recommend people check out?