Affordable $120 Kamerar Matte Box Review

I’ve had some time to work with the Kamerar MAX-1 Matte box over the past several weeks. Check out the video below for my findings. In short, this is a great matte box for those looking for an affordable first matte box.

Kamerar Matte Box-3

Kamerar MAX-1.1 Matte Box Kit


Includes top flag, side flags, rod adapter and donut.


Kamerar Lite Matte Box


Includes top flag (no side flags) and rod adapter.

What This Matte Box Is Good For

  • Blocking unwanted light.
  • Protecting your lens.
  • Single Filter use.
  • Non-rotating filters (ND, protective filter etc).
  • Aesthetics of a mattebox without the large expense of a professional mattebox.
  • Rod base rig use.

What This Matte Box Is Not Good For

  • Dual filter use.
  • Rotating filter use.
  • Clip-on use.