5 Skills That Will Make You a More Valuable Filmmaker

There are tons of skills that will make you a better filmmaker, but have found these 5 skills to be invaluable. Here are 5 skills that I like to see in filmmakers I hire or 5 skills he/she is willing to develop. Watch the video above to see all 5 tips and read the conclusion below to see the payoff of mastering these skills.

1. Knowing How to Stage Gear

Staging gear is a crucial step in production. Knowing how to stage gear makes things easier to find through the shoot and also help move production along. If the video above, I talk about how I recommend you stage gear and specifically lights.

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Great V-Mount Battery for Sony A7s and GH4 Shooters

I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect power system for quite some time now. There are literally hundreds of power solutions out there, different battery types, capacities, mounts and so many other choices. After a lot of research, I’ve come up with some tools and tips that you will find in this tutorial/review for you guys using the Switronix Powerbase 70.

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Atomos is Getting Into the Power Game With Their New Power Station


Atomos has been killing it in the digital recording world with their affordable video recorders and recently announced a new product called the Power Station. The Atomos Power Station will power your camera and up to 5 other devices through 3x DC and 2x USB ports all for only $295. You can pre-order the Atomos Power Station from B&H Photo Video here.

This power solution is pretty exciting to me. Lets take a closer look at some of the Power Station’s features.

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3 Genustech Gear Deals That Will Have Your Wallet Smiling

If you have been following this site for any length of time you know I’m a Genustech fan. I’ve purchased quite a few different things from them and really appreciate the quality of their gear. All that said, Genustech just put a lot of their gear on sale! Check out the goods below and always keep an eye on their list of demo gear where you can save some serious coin.

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Shane Hurlbut’s Illumination Experience Tour

Everything we shoot is affected by light. So why do we know so little about lighting and spend so much time focusing on our cameras and other gear? I’ll be the first to say I don’t know a ton about lighting. While I’ve learned a lot, I still have so much to explore. That said, I can’t tell you how pumped I am about Shane Hurlbut’s upcoming tour called The Illumination Experience.

This tour delivers an intense educational experience about the fundamentals of cinematography. Taught by Shane Hurlbut who has been in the game for 18 Hollywood films—this full-day workshop will teach you powerful principles and techniques you can immediately use in your filmmaking projects.

I’ll be attending the Chicago workshop and hope to see some of you there! Check out the trailer to learn more and make sure you reserve a spot fast.

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Filters for Video Part I: Filter Types and Uses

Welcome to a new series on DSLR Video Shooter! In this series we will take a look at filters for video and the gear needed to use filters properly. Here is what we will cover in today’s video:

  • Why use filters?
  • Rectangle filters vs Fader ND and round filters
  • Filter sizes
  • Popular filter types and uses
  • Pro vs cheap filters

Stay tuned for the second video where we will cover all things matte boxes, filter holders and rod systems for filters.

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Canon 7D Mark II Officially Announced


The new 7D Mark II is finally here! This is now Canon’s best video DSLR in my opinion thanks to some new video features including clean HDMI out, 60FPS at 1080p, headphone jack, better video auto focus and more.

Now, this isn’t the most innovative camera when you consider the Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7s, but if you’re a Canon shooter and want to stick with their system, this is going to be a killer option.

You can preorder the 7D Mark II for 1,799 at B&H or Amazon.

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Libec ALLEX Kit Review

The ALLEX system by Libec is an all in one tripod, slider and fluid head system. The beauty of this system is that you can use a slider on a tripod with only one fluid head thanks to the design of the ALLEX system. Check out Alex’s (heh) review of the ALLEX Kit from Libec:

You can get ALLEX as a kit or each part individually from B&H Photo Video.

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Ended: F&V Camera Cage Giveaway!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Luke the winner! Stay tuned for more giveaways in the future.

This month I’m giving away a custom F&V Cage with a custom leather handle (who doesn’t love leather handles). You can find details on how to win below.

If you want to learn more about this killer cage, check out my F&V cage review which includes a tutorial on using this cage with a DSLR.

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Monday Like: Being a Cinematographer

Great inspirational video on what a cinematographer actually does. I think it is very important for us young folk to stop and appreciate what a cinematographer actually is and stop calling ourselves one unless we have actually earned the name. It is funny and sad how many twitter profiles are littered with undeserved titles.

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Sony A7s Custom Eyecup Tutorial

I’ve been good web friends with Michael Schmidt for a long long time. We’ve tweeted back and forth well before DSLR VS started. Solid guy Michael is, and recently he put together a great little tutorial on how to hack together a better eyecup for the Sony A7s:

All you need is a Hoodman HoodEYE eyecup for Glasses for Nikon Round Eyepieces and the round adapter you can take from the SEAGULL Multifunction Eyecup Set.

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New Panasonic HC-X1000 4K Camera

Generally I cover large sensor news and gear here at DSLR Video Shooter, but this new camera from Panasonic deserves a mention. Two things caught my eye with the Panasonic HC-X1000. First, it shoots 4K and UHD from 23.98 all the way up to 60FPS which is pretty amazing. Secondly, the camera can recording 4K downscaled to 1080p in a similar manner to the C100. All this of course is on a 1/2″ sensor which isn’t terribly sexy, but I could see myself renting a couple of these puppies for certain projects. To learn more about the HC-X1000 check out this great video from B&H:

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Movidiam: An Innovative Tool to Help Filmmakers Find Work and Make Films


Everything has changed in the filmmaking world over the past decade. Years ago you had to go to school and spend a lot of time and money working up the hollywood ladder. But in today’s world, things are different. Low budget equipment and the internet has made filmmaking a lot easier to do. Heck, I even got a couple gigs through twitter! But with these great tools came hordes of new filmmakers without a good way to find work and other artists to collaborate with. We need to think differently about how films get made. And that is where Movidiam comes in…

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Benro S8 Tripod Review

I have been a fan of Benro tripods for a while now. I own and love the Benro S6 tripod head but have been thinking about getting the S8 model which can handle more weight and has some features that are lacking in the Benro S6. Keegan Jay O’Neill has put together a great review of the Benro S8 and shares the pros and cons of this affordable pro level tripod.

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Viewfactor Contineo GH4 Cage Review


Photo Credit: clintonharn.com

There are tons of cages for Canon and nikon DSLRs on the market, but there haven’t been many built specifically for the Panasonic GH series. That all changed when the GH4 came out and created a lot of buzz in the video world. One of the newer cages is the beautiful Viewfactor Contineo GH4 Cage which will only set you back $249.. Clinton Harn put together a great review for News Shooter where he shows off how he uses the Contineo GH4 Cage.

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