Metabones Finally Releases Canon Speedbooster for MFT Cameras


After a very very long wait, we can finally get our hands on a Canon EF to MFT Speedbooster! This tool will allow you to not only use Canon EF lenses on your MFT camera, but also reduce crop by 0.71x and will allow you to use IS and change aperture. You can get the new Canon EF Lens to MFT Speed Booster on the Metabones website for $599.

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The Rokinon 50mm T1.5 Cine Lens is Finally Here



The Rokinon 50mm T1.5 Cine lens has just been announced, and it is about time! We’ve had a full line of cine lenses available to us from Rokinon for quite some time, but we haven’t been given a fast 50mm from them until now. You can pre-order the new Rokinon 50mm T1.5 (f/1.4) Cine lens for $549 at B&H Photo Video with either a Canon, Nikon, Sony A/E or a MFT mount.

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The New DJI Ronin 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Ever since FREEFLY announced the Movi, manufacturers have been scrambling to make similar models at lower prices. One of the more popular knock offs was the CAME 5000 which can be had for around $1000. In the past few weeks though, DJI has announced they 3-axis gimbal system called Ronin. The DJI Ronin has a few new cool features that other 3-axis gimbal stabilizers don’t have.

Check out this video to learn more about the new $2,999 Ronin stabilizer from DJI:

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Walimex Pro Universial XL DSLR Cage

I feel the need to add a disclaimer to this review, I was not paid or compensated for this review. I just REALLY like this cage and got one for myself. The Walimex Pro Cage is a high quality and cost effective alternative to Wooden Camera’s Quick Cage which I own and love. While this DSLR cage is similar, it has a few features that set it apart from other cages. Check out the full review above for all the details.

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Making of American Loneliness

This is a guest post by filmmaker Mathieu LE LAY on his latest film American Loneliness.

Since I started adventuring and filming into the wild, I had the dream to hit the American road on my own, backpacking into some of the most inspiring natural areas of the United States. I planned this trip lately.

American Loneliness, my new 52 minutes documentary film, is coming out this summer 2014. It tells my solitary journey into one of the most attractive areas on the planet : the American West. The road trip consisted of a six week adventure backpacking through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Washington. From snowstorms in Yellowstone to the Wild Pacific coast, this is a quest for freedom and the great outdoors.

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Super Slow Motion on a Budget

Joey Shanks sent me a video a couple weeks showing me how he rented a Casio EX-F1 for $100 and was able to get some pretty cool slow motion shots over the course of the week. While the resolution isn’t the best, you can still get some pretty great results. I think this footage would definitely work for a lot of documentaries where 300-1200FPS are needed. Check out Joey’s video to see some budget slow motion footage:

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Video: Custom Rigs Used by VICE Shooters


Great video done by VICE DP’s Jake Burghart and Jerry Ricciotti showing us their custom rigs. While they use C300 cameras, a lot of this rigging could be applied to other cameras.

What do you think of their setup? What modifications have you made to your rig? Or do you stick to standard rig kits from manufacturers?

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Production Gear Packing for a Two Day Shoot

Over the last two weekends I have been out in Indiana shooting a music video and a short documentary. I thought I would show you guys what I’m brought and how I packed it. Please excuse the messy studio! I’ve been working on soundproofing and insulating so the floors are a mess.

All production went well and I hope to show you some footage soon.

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Walimex Pro Cage: Great Alternative to the Wooden Camera Cage


I love my Wooden Camera Quick Cage, but the cost of shooting with one is pretty steep. A complete WC cage setup that can be use with or without rods will set you back $839 (cage + extra plate for non-rod use) which is pretty painful.

Recently I discovered the Walimex Pro Cage which I’ll be reviewing in the upcoming weeks. In short, this is a killer, super strong, flexible alternative to the WC cage. For the same setup mentioned above, you’ll pay $608 or $399 for the cage without rod support. You could also pick up an entire shoulder rig system from Walimex Pro for $899 which is close to the price of the WC cage system. Oh, and you can also add on a ton of different accessories from Walimex Pro.

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The Studio Part 2: Grip and Lighting Accessories

This is the second episode in The Studio series of videos I’m doing (watch episode one here). In this edition we are going to take a close look at several grip and lighting tools I use in the studio and on the road. This is the kind of gear that you don’t always think about, but you always end up using.

If you are overwhelmed with all the stuff you feel you need, don’t be. Start with something like the Manfrotto Nano clamp (I swear by that thing) and you can build up your kit from there.

Studio Grip Gear

The Studio Part 1: Light Stands

This is the first installment of a series of studio equipment videos I’ll be posting. In this series I will be showing you gear that I’ve been using at the new studio here in Chicago. Most of the gear in this series also gets used out in the field.

In part one, we look at light stands. I’ve had a couple old trusty stands I’ve been using for years as well as some newer stands B&H has sent me that I’ve been using a ton in the last couple months. Check out the video for my review and recommendations.

Note: Excuse the color changes in the video. FCPX has been giving me quite a lot of uploading issues.

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