Beautiful Camera Gear: Some of the Best Craftsmanship in Film

Its All About Story

This gets said a lot. And it is absolutely true. Story trumps tools and toys all day long, but I’m putting that aside today to admire the craftsmanship and beauty of gear. Function is important, but when function and beautiful design come together you get something amazing.

Ergo Cine Rigs

These wooden rigs by Ergo Cine are absolutely stunning. Love the natural look that also brings proper economics to todays cameras. Have a look at their website for more information.


P1080739 Ergocine-Honorary-Rig

Kino Grip Handles

I love the idea of wooden handles, something that will get better with age and you could pass on.


Movecam FS700 Cage

Lets be honest… The FS700 is hardly a beautiful camera. It is an awkward, fat and boxy piece of plastic wrapped around a sensor. That said, the Movecam cage turns it into a thing of beauty.



Red Camera Rigging

It’s no wonder RED has a cult following. Not only for the resolution and dynamic range, but for the absolutely gorgeous gear and rigging.


Tilta Camera Rigs

Tilta makes several gorgeous cages. From the BMPCC to RED and Canon C cameras, they’ve got you covered.


Wooden Camera Gear

I’ve done several Wooden Camera gear reviews and every time I buy something from them, I’m instantly in love. I have a thing for leather, so naturally I love their leather handles.


Hold Fast Camera Straps

If James Bond took photos… And was a hipster…



Duclos Lens Mods

Taking your favorite lens and making it a cinema ready tool.


CF1071_01 IMG_0504

Prime Circle Lenses

While we’re talking about lenses…

lockcircle-prime-circle-xt-f-custom-lenses-nikon-f-mount attachment-2-600x399 DSC_3238_DEF-small

Anything Missing?

What gear do you think should be added to this list?