How to Build a Custom EVF/Monitor Mount

Trust me when I say an EVF mount is better than a monitor arm. I’ve used monitor arms for a while and didn’t really think much of EVF mounts until I tried one. The only problem with an EVF mount is cost, they’re pretty expensive and the cheaper ones are bulky (that said, the Edelkrone version looks nice).

So I grab by box of parts and put one together myself. Check out the video and gear list below.

You don’t have to have a cage to do this, building something similar off of your camera hot shoe would work as well for lighter monitors. Here are the parts I used to build mine:

41EniNB50XL1/4 20 to 15mm Rod Adapter (2x)

This adapter is what will allow you to mount the rod to your camera or cage and the monitor to the rod. If you have a cage similar to mine, you will want a 1/4 20 to 15mm adapter and a bolt. If you are going to mount the rod to the top of your camera without a cage, you’ll want to also pickup a male cold shoe to male 1/4 20.

ikan-rods-208x20815mm Rod

I cut an old iKan rod down to size, but you could buy a pair here. You could also scour eBay for some short rods.

You can never have enough extra rods!

cold shoe adapterFemale Cold Shoe Adapter

I use this adapter to attach my monitor to the EVF mount. Works a charm.

You could really use any brand, but I’ve found these J-Rod versions to be the best.

ball-headBall Head

A hot shoe ball head will let you adjust the monitor sideways if you choose to do so. You’ll also be able to quickly move your monitor to another rig if you need to.


Depending on your setup, you might need some washers as well.

Other Notes

Do keep in mind, this is the way I built my EVF mount with parts I had laying around, you could be a similar setup with different parts. The main thing is having a 15mm Rod that can swivel and stay in place. That aside you can really make anything work.