Canon 70D Features And Details Round Up

There is more info coming out on the Canon 70D as videos come out and people share their opinions. I am really excited about this new camera. Sure, its not really a revolutionary update (more like Canon catching up) but it is still looking like a solid video work horse. I think I will be moving from my 5D2/7D setup to a 5D3 and 70D combo. It will be so good to have a solid low light APS-C sensor!


Canon Australia put together this video highlighting a lot of the new features on the Canon 70D. This dual pixel sensor is looking pretty impressive.

Here is another video taking a first look at the Canon 70D:

Auto Focus

Check out this short film shot using the 70D’s new auto focus system. The editing is very poor on this, but it gives you a good feel for the auto focus accuracy.

You can preorder your 70D on B&H here.