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Panasonic GH4 Review

The Panasonic GH4 is an amazing camera. I haven’t been this excited about shooting since I bought my 7D. Not because its a nice toy, but because I can spend more time and energy on my projects, talent and cinematography and stop dealing with silly DSLR issues. Watch my review for the full lowdown.

UPDATE 1: Metabones has released the Canon EF to MFT Speedbooster. Now you can use your Canon lenses on the GH4!

I put a lot of blood and sweat into this review and if you want more videos like it, please use my Amazon and B&H links to purchase your gear. With each purchase, I get a small commission that will keep these videos coming.
Your fellow shooter - Caleb

3:24 – Shooting 4K
10:20 – Camera Features
11:06 – Audio
12:04 – Lenses
19:18 – Moire Test
22:09 – Field of View
23:15 – Depth of Field
26:06 – Low Light and ISO Test
27:50 – Slow Motion
29:49 – Why I’m Leaving Canon

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5D vs 6D: The 9 biggest differences between the 5D Mark III and the 6D

Should I get, the 5D or the 6D? Why would anyone buy a Canon 6D? Which full-frame camera is best for video? Whats the difference between the 5D and 6D?

These are questions I get asked on a daily basis, so I decided to put together this video breaking down the 9 biggest differences between the Canon 5D Mark III and the Canon 6D. If you’re looking to get started in DSLR video and wondering which DSLR is best for you, I would suggest you start here.

Canon 5D vs 6D

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Why I Bought an EOS-M Camera for Video


I just pulled the trigger on a new Canon EOS-M and here are 7 reasons for my actions. If you want a cheap APS-C camera for video you can find it here.

1. Price Tag

The EOS-M was launched with an $800 price tag, which is ridiculous seeing as it shared almost identical features with cheaper rebel cameras. But with the camera being discontinued and Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals hitting, I got an EOS-M Body for $244 on Amazon which was a no brainer.

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Shooting a documentary with the Sony A99

Daniel SmukallaThis is a Guest Post by Daniel Smukalla, Director of Sedae.




These days, there are so many great cameras on the market, which is why I had such a difficult time last year deciding upon which one to purchase to shoot the Korean documentary “Sedae”. Originally I wanted to get a video camera, since video is my primary purpose, but flexibility with time lapse was also needed to tell the story of “Sedae”. In that regard, DSLRs are superior. However, I wasn’t ready to commit to a DSLR. I would shoot with them, and loved the images, but still felt limited since it was missing many of the features that I wanted from a video camera. Once I was ready to buy a camera though, the Sony a99 came on the market, and it convinced me of its ability to do video.

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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Video Review

This Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera review was a fun one, but let me tell you, this camera was a tough one… A big part of me loves this little camera, but the other wants nothing to do with it. It is a case of so close yet so far away. To see what I’m talking about, watch my full review below.

Full BMPCC Review

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Dave Dugdale Compares the Canon 5D Mark III and the 6D


Wondering what the difference between the Canon 5D Mark III and the Canon 6D is? This is a great question and an important one for those looking to get a full frame camera. You’d be surprised at how many subtle differences there are. Dave Dugdale from Learning DSLR Video has done a great job with his comparison. Be sure to check out his 6D training series as well.

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Episode 37: Sony A77 – Not It’s Time.

First off I have to apologize for taking so long to get this review up. I had this camera in for review the same time Dave Dugdale did and he posted his quite a while ago. Check out his review below as well. Unlike Dave, I did not shoot a lot of footage with this camera. Sure I dinked around with it but whenever I reached for a camera to shoot something I chose the 7D, or the Sony 5n. That should say a lot about what I think about this camera.

My general synopsis is this: Cool new focus and EVF tech, slow camera, ISO cap at 1600 ain’t cool, the cropped sensor turns me off. These things may have been accepted back in the “dark ages” when we didn’t expect better video features from DSLRs but that time is no longer. Think I am totally off? Whats your opinion?

If you are seriously considering getting this camera for video use please watch the whole review.

Quicktime File.
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HDSLR Camera Comparisons With Dave Dugdale

Dave Dugdale and I started our respective blogs around the same time. And over the past almost 2 years, I’ve really enjoyed doing interviews together (remind me to have him on for a friday episode one of these days) and watching his reviews.

Recently, Dave has been doing Canon HDSLR camera comparisons. And now that he has a few out I thought I’d share them with you. And if you haven’t visited his website check it out, he has several tutorials and reviews for those getting started in the wonderful world of HDSLRs.

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JJ Kim’s 60D Quick Review

I had a chance to play with a 60D for a little bit last night and was very surprised by its build quality and the flip out screen. But for those who have not worked with one my good friend JJ Kim has shot a review showing in detail the differences between the 7D and the 60D. He also goes through the menus. For more of JJ’s videos check out his Vimeo channel and his website.

Things I noticed:

  • I am liking the audio control increments, and while dual system sound is still going to give you the highest quality, the in camera audio is going to be nice.
  • ISO Range is the same. After working on sets with the T2i, I really appreciate my 7D’s wider ISO range. Good to know the 60D is up there too.
  • While the flip out screen is nice, adding a viewfinder may pose a problem. Last night we tinkered with the 60D and a Z-finder and the LCD-VF neither fit perfectly and the Z-finder seems like it was a little heavy to be use while the screen was out. Something to consider.
  • The 60D has less buttons. But I love how all of the buttons are on the right side. This means as a shooter we can access all controls with the right thumb and forefinger.


JJ has shot a second video sharing more info on the 7D vs the 60D. Check it: