Interviews with filmmakers and DSLR video shooters.

Gear Demos, Budget Solutions and Documentary Equipment Interview with POV

Doc Chat

POV (a PBS show about documentaries and filmmaking) asked me to join a Google+ panel event called Doc Chat. I was joined by Professor Duy Linh Tu of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism to demo gear and answer viewer questions. The live hangout went very well and we covered a lot of great questions.

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Viewer Questions: Film School, Production, Books And Rigs

viewer questions

Jeff recently wrote me with the following questions:

  1. Did you attend film school? Do you think its necessary at this point in the “game”?
  2. In your opinion, are DSLR’s around to stay or are they just a fad?
  3. What is your favorite part of the production process and why?
  4. I noticed on your Chicago Contact Juggling video that you included some nice hand held shots. Did you have any kind of rig for that?
  5. Do you have any movie/books to recommend?
  6. What are some of your current goals?
  7. What would you say are the attributes that make one a success in the film industry?
  8. Film or digital?

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Episode 51: Interview with Director Kevin Otterness

Had a chance to sit down with my friend Kevin Otterness at Al’s Pizza to talk about film and projects he is working on. Check out the Posthouse Pictures Facebook page for photos and updates on Kevin’s work. You can also follow Kevin on Twitter here.

If you missed our first interview, you can find that here.

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Episode 21: Interview with Director Kevin Otterness – Breaking Into Film

I had a chance to sit down with director Kevin Otterness a while back and talk about what he is up to and many other topics. We covered breaking into film, film education, whether film school is important or not, gear, and how to find and create story. For more information on what Kevin is up to, check out his blog, and/or follow him on twitter @KevinOtterness.

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Episode 007: Interview with Ken Simpson and Alex Dacev

Stop talking and make a film…

I had the great pleasure of speaking with director Ken Simpson and DP Alex Dacev, two filmmakers from Canada. In the podcast we discuss filmmaking, using the 5D for narrative film, tools, post production, and tips on starting in filmmaking.

Click here for the audio only version.

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Hurlbut Interview: A Must Listen

I recently listened to the latest episode of the RED Centre podcast, which if you have not subscribed to you should definately check it out, and I really enjoyed the interview section with Jason Wingrove and Shane Hurlbut of HurlbutVisuals. Shane goes over how he is using HDDSLRs to shoot cinema and his custom kits. He also goes over his philosophy behind the use of these DSLRs for filmmaking. And if you are a RED user or fan, hold onto your pants as shane takes a different view on how we look at these cameras as tools. This interview is a MUST LISTEN for anyone who is interested in taking DSLR filmmaking to a whole different level.

You can find the interview at 55:39 in RED Centre episode #056. Click here to listen to the episode, you can find all the episodes and subscribe to RED Centre here. Also be sure to check out this episode’s show notes so you can see Shane’s images from his work as well as photos of his custom kits and rigs.

Some of the show notes photos:

Some of Shane's Custom kit (Photo Credit RED Centre)

Shane's "Man Cam" rig and Ziess glass (Photo Credit RED Centre)

Point of View rig (Photo Credit RED Centre)