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A Week of Filmmaking Training in Scotland? Yes Please

I’ve followed and respected Jem Schofield’s C47 videos since he started them over 3 years ago. In just a few short weeks Jem is going to be running The Filmmakers Intensive in Scotland for a week. Yeah… Scotland… There you will have an opportunity to learn the craft of lighting and shooting for documentary as well as corporate and narrative filmmaking.

If you’re looking to really dive into film production and want to get your hands dirty, you can’t miss this opportunity. Check out the promo video and visit to learn more. The deadline is July 2014 at 18:00!


Credit: TFMI website

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GH4 Review Teaser


Having trouble with my internet and Youtube, unfortunately the video will have to be posted tomorrow. Sorry guys.

Here is a teaser for my GH4 review. Come back tomorrow to see the full review. You won’t want to miss all the information about this incredible little camera.

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The RagLite: A New Way to Think About LED Lighting Systems


I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I get A LOT of email. Some are questions, some are spam and then there is the promotional stuff. Everyone has something they’d like to see on the site so when I got another email about a kickstarter campaign my finger was hovering over the delete button, but I gave it a shot and watched the video about The RagLite.

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SEETEC EVF: $220 Budget Electronic View Finder



Found this on Cinescopophilia the other day and thought I would share it with you guys. If you’re looking for an EVF solution, but can’t afford a Small HD DP4 EVF or Zacuto EVF, this might be a decent budget solution. The SEETEC EVF E-350 is an electronic view finder compatible with all cameras with an HDMI output including DSLR’s like the Canon 5d Mark II, 7D, Nikon D800, Panasonic GH2, Sony FS700, Red One, etc.

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Canon 40mm F2.8 STM Lens Only $150


The Canon 40mm is the perfect budget Canon lens or backup lens. You can’t beat the price of this thing, and if you shoot with auto focus, that STM makes a big difference. Right now you can save $50 and get your 40mm at B&H Photo Video or Amazon for $150.

So if you’re looking to get an affordable Canon lens, or just need an extra lens for a second or third camera angle, this is a great buy.

Canon 40mm F2.8 STM ($150) at Amazon and B&H

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Ended – Giveaway: De-Clicked Olympus 35-70mm


Update: Congratulations to Gabe for winning the lens! 

Time for another giveaway! Follow and like DSLR Video Shooter for a chance to win my de-clicked Olympus 35-70mm F4 lens with a Canon EF mount adapter! You can see the lens in this video. This lens is a great sharp lens with a fantastic range. And the F4 makes it a very good interview lens.

To enter for a chance to win the lens, use the form below. Thank you for being the best followers on the web.

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Sony A7 Sale: Save $200


If you’ve been meaning to pick up a Sony A7 now is a good time. With the Sony A7 sale, you save $200 letting you get you’re hands on an A7 body for $1498 at B&H Photo Video and Amazon.
With this sale comes the question, should you buy one? Where do you guys think this camera lands in the current line up? Do you think it has a place with cameras like the A7s, GH4 and current crop of other cameras?

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$15,000 Camera Drone Disappears in the Amazon Rain Forest

I love the concept behind using drones for film use, but their scary the crap out of me. So many things can go wrong. Not only could you kill someone with these things, but you could lose some very expensive gear. Check out this heart stopping story about a filmmaker and his rouge drone:

Have you started filming with drones? Do you have any scary stories to tell?

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Video Shows Us Why Getting Your Key Light Right is Critical

There are infinite ways to light talent with a key light and many of us slap our lights on stands for a quick interview without thinking much about it. But the fact is, light can actually change how we view the geometry of people’s faces. This incredible video shows us just how drastic a light angle change can make in the rendered shape of someone’s face.

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New Canon Lenses Announced: Who Should Buy Them?

Today we have announcements of two brand new Canon lenses. The Canon 16-35mm F4.0L IS lens and the Canon 10-18mm F4.5-5.6 IS STM lens. At first I felt very meh about the news. But after looking closer I think both these lenses are going to be killer tools for filmmakers. Let take a look at each and discuss their uses.

Canon 16-35mm F4.0L IS - $1,199

At first glance this looks like a cheaper version of the Canon 16-35mm F2.8L lens that is already available. But this sucker has IS which is HUGE for video use. I know so many shooters who are in love with this lens and use it all the time, so to have a similar model but with IS is pretty sick. Not to mention this lens is about $500 cheaper than the F2.8 version which gives you more than enough savings to pick up the other new Canon lens…


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Vincent Laforet’s Direction Motion Tour

The second I saw this tour I signed up. Vincent Laforet is going to be all over the country with the Direction Motion Tour teaching camera motion and production skills. If you have been wanting to improve your cinematography skills you have got to check out this training. Watch this trailer to get a better idea of what the tour will be offering.

I’ll be attending here in Chicago on May 18th. Let me know if you’ll be in town!

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