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Great V-Mount Battery for Sony A7s and GH4 Shooters

I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect power system for quite some time now. There are literally hundreds of power solutions out there, different battery types, capacities, mounts and so many other choices. After a lot of research, I’ve come up with some tools and tips that you will find in this tutorial/review for you guys using the Switronix Powerbase 70.

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Libec ALLEX Kit Review

The ALLEX system by Libec is an all in one tripod, slider and fluid head system. The beauty of this system is that you can use a slider on a tripod with only one fluid head thanks to the design of the ALLEX system. Check out Alex’s (heh) review of the ALLEX Kit from Libec:

You can get ALLEX as a kit or each part individually from B&H Photo Video.

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Benro S8 Tripod Review

I have been a fan of Benro tripods for a while now. I own and love the Benro S6 tripod head but have been thinking about getting the S8 model which can handle more weight and has some features that are lacking in the Benro S6. Keegan Jay O’Neill has put together a great review of the Benro S8 and shares the pros and cons of this affordable pro level tripod.

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Viewfactor Contineo GH4 Cage Review


Photo Credit:

There are tons of cages for Canon and nikon DSLRs on the market, but there haven’t been many built specifically for the Panasonic GH series. That all changed when the GH4 came out and created a lot of buzz in the video world. One of the newer cages is the beautiful Viewfactor Contineo GH4 Cage which will only set you back $249.. Clinton Harn put together a great review for News Shooter where he shows off how he uses the Contineo GH4 Cage.

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Walimex Pro Universial XL DSLR Cage

I feel the need to add a disclaimer to this review, I was not paid or compensated for this review. I just REALLY like this cage and got one for myself. The Walimex Pro Cage is a high quality and cost effective alternative to Wooden Camera’s Quick Cage which I own and love. While this DSLR cage is similar, it has a few features that set it apart from other cages. Check out the full review above for all the details.

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The Studio Part 2: Grip and Lighting Accessories

This is the second episode in The Studio series of videos I’m doing (watch episode one here). In this edition we are going to take a close look at several grip and lighting tools I use in the studio and on the road. This is the kind of gear that you don’t always think about, but you always end up using.

If you are overwhelmed with all the stuff you feel you need, don’t be. Start with something like the Manfrotto Nano clamp (I swear by that thing) and you can build up your kit from there.

Studio Grip Gear

The Studio Part 1: Light Stands

This is the first installment of a series of studio equipment videos I’ll be posting. In this series I will be showing you gear that I’ve been using at the new studio here in Chicago. Most of the gear in this series also gets used out in the field.

In part one, we look at light stands. I’ve had a couple old trusty stands I’ve been using for years as well as some newer stands B&H has sent me that I’ve been using a ton in the last couple months. Check out the video for my review and recommendations.

Note: Excuse the color changes in the video. FCPX has been giving me quite a lot of uploading issues.

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GH3/GH4 Honu Camera Cage from Kamerar

If you’re looking for an affordable cage for your GH4 stop searching and check out the Honu cage. This thing is one of the cheapest cages out there and sports some great features like a top handle, cold shoe docks, tons of 1/4 20″ taps, an HDMI cable lock and more. For more information check out our video review:

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Essential Video Production Gear for Filmmakers

Cameras and lenses are great, but don’t forget the basics! We can easily overlook some basic production equipment that is crucial to success when on set. In this video I show you a pile of important gear I always have on my shoots. I also share some slate tips.

This is just a few items… I didn’t cover a lot of lighting tools and toys (saving that for another video). What production gear do you swear by on set?

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Brilliant Filter Bag for Shooters with Large Filter Collections

I have a handful of random filters both round and square that are always scattered in my pelican case. Not to mention a mess of random lens and filter tools and cleaners. While searching for an affordable way to pack all this, I found the MindShift Filter bag. For $55 you get a nice protected bag for all of your filters and accessories. Check out my video review for the full lowdown.

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Wooden Camera Nato Handle Kit Review

As you already know, I love Wooden Camera gear, cages and top handles. At NAB 2014 I fell in love with Wooden Camera’s new Nato Handle. They have make some impressive updates to their standard handle including a cold shoe mount, 360 rotatable handle, 15mm rod port and so much more. Check out the full video review to see and learn more about this great little handle. Read More…

Half Inch Rails Gear Review

Half Inch Rails manufatures tons of great gear for filmmakers. In today’s review, we are looking at three of their killer tools.

Zip Tie Gears


Not the best solution for all situations, but hands down, the simplest and most affordable way to gear your lenses. You can get these Zip Ties on B&H or at Half Inch Rails.

Shoulder Pads


I hate most shoulder pads as they are bulky and get in the way. Half Inch Rails makes these killer Shoulder Pads that can work with a multitude of rig setups while staying out of the way. You can order the Shoulder Pads through Half Inch Rails.



These little guys keep the ends of your rods nice and neat while keeping all faces safe on set. Can’t have talent getting stabbed in the money maker while on set! You can order Bumpers through Half Inch Rails.

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Panasonic GH4 Review

The Panasonic GH4 is an amazing camera. I haven’t been this excited about shooting since I bought my 7D. Not because its a nice toy, but because I can spend more time and energy on my projects, talent and cinematography and stop dealing with silly DSLR issues. Watch my review for the full lowdown.

UPDATE 1: Metabones has released the Canon EF to MFT Speedbooster. Now you can use your Canon lenses on the GH4!

I put a lot of blood and sweat into this review and if you want more videos like it, please use my Amazon and B&H links to purchase your gear. With each purchase, I get a small commission that will keep these videos coming.
Your fellow shooter - Caleb

3:24 – Shooting 4K
10:20 – Camera Features
11:06 – Audio
12:04 – Lenses
19:18 – Moire Test
22:09 – Field of View
23:15 – Depth of Field
26:06 – Low Light and ISO Test
27:50 – Slow Motion
29:49 – Why I’m Leaving Canon

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GH4 Review Teaser


Having trouble with my internet and Youtube, unfortunately the video will have to be posted tomorrow. Sorry guys.

Here is a teaser for my GH4 review. Come back tomorrow to see the full review. You won’t want to miss all the information about this incredible little camera.

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Domke Protective Wraps Review

I have recently discovered and fallen in love with Domke Protective Wraps. Packing up cameras and lenses can be a pain. Sometimes you separate them, other times you need the lens on the body out of the bag. Domke protective wraps make dealing with all this easy.

Domke wraps are simply a velcro sheet that wraps around your gear so you can toss it in any bag. No need for dividers or that nasty pluck foam. Check out my video review to see more.

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