Cheap $50 Lens for DSLR Video

Everyone loves a fast and sharp lenses and today I’m showing you how to get a fast, sharp AND affordable lens for $50!

The Lens

The lens in question is the Olympus 50mm F1.8 fully metal manual lens. I found this lens in EX condition at KEH camera and LOVE IT. The sharpness of this little sucker blew my mind. And the manual focus ring and aperture are perfect for us DSLR video shooters. It also works great with full frame and APS-C sensors.

How to Get Yours

  1. Go to and check out the manual Olympus lenses and order one. I recommend either the 50mm F1.4 or F1.8. I got an EX (excellent condition) version for $33. With shipping to Chicago it was $43.44.
  2. Hop over to Amazon and pick out an Olympus to EOS adapter. I bought this one and really like it.
  3. Enjoy your new killer lens!

Do you have a cheap lens recommendation? Share it!