Cheap DSLR Matte Box That Will Only Cost You $40

Ok so maybe I lied a little in the title, it isn’t a full matte box but rather what most people would ever use in a matte box, and that is flags and aesthetics.

$40 Matte Box Tutorial

If you own or want a DSLR matte box be honest with yourself… How often do you actually use filters on it? There are really 3 functions of a matte box:

  1. Filtration
  2. Lens protection from light
  3. Aesthetics (looks more professional in front of your clients)

Most people only really need or want function 2 and 3. So why spend a bag of cash on a matte box when you could get the same features for $40?

What You Need

french-flagLens Shade

If you want something new or don’t have an old french flag, I recommend Dinkum Systems flags. You could also make your own matte box french flag to save even.

Friction Arm


There are tons of different friction arms online. You can spend as little as $10 on one. Or put a little more toward a nice one like the Kamerar Monitor arm like the one I used in the video.

Do you have a hack/Mod/DIY project for matte boxes or other gear? Feel free to share it!