Episode 49: Aputure V-Control USB Focus Remote Review for DSLRs

Its Finally here. I had the pleasure of using the Aputure V-Control remote over the past month, and am excited to share my findings with you. You can find the press release here.

NOTE: You can find the manual for the remote here.

Get Yours: V-Control USB Focus Remote for DSLRs.

Suggested Uses:
Macro filming, fine focus applications, jib and other situations where remote controls are required. At $190 its either an expensive toy, or a useful tool depending on your needs.


  • Tons of features.
  • Can program 4 focus points.
  • Excellent Accessories
  • Price isn’t bad when you consider what competitors are charging.


  • At high motor speeds focusing is choppy.
  • Programming can take time to fiddle with.
  • May be unable to use HDMI depending on your cables.

Get Yours: V-Control USB Focus Remote for DSLRs.