Genustech Adapter Bar System Review

Baseplates are one of the most important parts of any rig. They are the foundation of your sensor and should be taken very seriously. They are often the only thing between your camera and rod system. In this video we look at the Universal Adapter Bar System and the DSLR Adapter Bar System from Genustech.

adaptor-system-GMBUP-1_1024x1024Genustech Universal Adapter Bar System $266

The Universal Plate is designed for the new generation large sensor video cameras such as the Sony F3, Canon EOS C300 and Panasonic AF100.

adaptor-system-GMBDSLR-1_1024x1024Genustech DSLR Adapter Bar System $119-219

Built specifically for DSLR cameras, the Genus DSLR Adapter Bar System is a support adapter that accommodates several different DSLR video cameras.


  • Between the two models you can Attach any camera.
  • Multiple thread sizes.
  • Accepts rods.
  • Height and side adjustments.
  • Easy access to tightening screws.
  • Strong.
  • Does not block battery door.


  • Universal Adapter is a little heavy.
  • Difficult to tighten the DSLR version down to the max.
  • Knobs don’t ratchet.

Should you buy it?

Yes. These are probably the most cost effective/well made baseplate systems I’ve found yet.

You can get the Universal Adapter Bar System or the DSLR Adapter Bar System from Genustech.

Genustech Adapter Bar System Photos