How I Film and Edit My Videos

In this video I break down my production and post production process for filming my show. Check out the gear list below.

UPDATE: If your using FCP X you’d be much better off editing WITHIN the multi cam instead of creating a project and pasting your camera angles there. That said, if you in FCP 7 or Premiere, the method I used in the video will work fine.

Support DSLR Video Shooter

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I usually use 2 of my 3 cameras to film my videos. The EOS-M is always one of them.


I use a mixed bag of lenses, but I find that one of the following 3 are always in play. Check out my Vintage Lens page for more info on those Olympus lenses.


I usually go straight to the camera with my audio. Here are some of the tools I use.

Grip and Accessories



So as you can see, it really isn’t that complicated. 1 to 2 cameras and some audio gear and you’re done.