Logger’s Lunchbox Fixes Most DSLR Issues in One Box


DSLRs rock and suck all at the same time. They have great image and lens flexibility but terrible audio and power consumption. You can fix these issues with some accessories but your rig will get loaded down with bulky, messy accessories. FINALLY someone has come up with a solution and you could get yours for $500.

The Loggers Lunchbox was developed by Edward Calvey and Hannah Radcliff to combine power and audio solutions for DSLRs into one box. There will be two models produced at first, the Run-N-Gun and the Studio which will look something like this:



Check out the Kickstarter video to get more info:

I’ve backed this project and can’t wait to get my Studio Lunchbox! I would encourage you to jump on these boxes before the campaign ends and prices go up. You can back the project and get more info here:

Logger’s Lunchbox on Kickstarter