Monday Like: Drugs, INC Trailer

Check out this fantastic National Geographic series trailer for “Drugs, INC” Brilliant idea for a trailer, and excellent post work.

Vimeo Description:

Drugs, INC from Andy Baker on Vimeo.

What better way to talk about the billion dollar drug industry than to show just how similar the corporate world is to the drug trade? That’s just what we did – using classic office and business terms in juxtaposition with some stylized images of the drug industry.
We partnered with the team at Evolve IMG to capture some incredible visuals of our “terms” and the audio team at Radium to make it sound great.
The team at Evolve overshot for many, many more terms and all of the visuals on the cutting room floor will still be used for episodic promotion for the entire season.

National Geographic Channel
SVP Group Creative Dir – Andy Baker
Creative Director – Tyler Korba
Creative Director, Design – Brian Everett
Writer/Producer – James Introcaso
Art Director – Jeremy Tate

Directors / Directors of Photography – Joel & Jesse Edwards
Producer / UPM – Kristi Motyka
Coordinator – Rajee Aerie
Camera / Lighting – Mike Bove, Christian Hins, Michael J Weldon, Kevin VanEregen, Zayne Van Heerden, Sean Courtney
Makeup / Hair / Wardrobe – Jaycie Kurfess
Art Department – Nadia Garofalo
Editors / Colorists – Joel & Jesse Edwards
Assistant Editor – Lauren Pecson
Design / VFX / AE – Ryan Trommer, Joel Edwards, Ben Roach, Ninos Houma
Sound Design / Mix – Radium Audio LTD