Monday Like: The State of Distribution

Fantastic video here… Love what VHX is doing. Glad to see some films serving viewers instead of studios while still making money.

VHX PSA – The State of Distribution from VHX on Vimeo.

From the Vimeo Description:

Over the past year we’ve learned volumes about the current state of distribution and the challenges presented to today’s aspiring filmmakers. Working with Erica Gorochow, we created a video to summarize these ideas and help shed light on what the future holds for filmmakers.

Watch it with your eyes, spread the word by sharing with your friends and filmmakers, and let’s work together to change the path of film as we know it.

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Team VHX

Directed, Written and animated – Erica Gorochow
Directed and produced – VHX
Music and sound design – Ross Wariner & Cody Uhler
Mastering – Bryan Pugh
VHX 3D logo – Bill Bergen