Motorized Camera Dolly for $300

This looks to be quick a bang-for-the-buck camera dolly. Looking forward to hearing more about this unit as they become available.

Check out these details on the Revolve Automated Motion system:

Revolve Kickstarter Page.

From the KickStarter Post:

A versatile and affordable motion control kit. Add precise automated movement to your camera slider or dolly for time-lapse or video.

Motion control systems give you precise motorized control of your camera moves, and can help you create absolutely stunning time-lapses and ultra smooth videos. But, these systems are normally bulky, complicated, and can cost thousands of dollars.

My goal was to create a versatile, portable, and extremely affordable motion control system, and I am proud to introduce the result: Revolve Automated Motion.

Revolve Automated Motion (or RAM for short) is a versatile motion control system for time-lapse and ultra smooth video. It can be used with any camera slider or with the Revolve Camera Dolly to create a wide variety of stunning footage! The kit adds precise and fully adjustable motorized control to your camera moves, and at an amazingly affordable price!