New Announcements from Redrock on Their Wireless Follow Focus System

I just got an email from Redrock Micro regarding the wireless follow focus system. Looks like its not dead and they have also been working on a motor which will be introduced before long. They are calling it the Redrock Torque Motor and it will be a fraction of the cost or other FF motors currently available.

Here is what we’ve been told me:

Introducing the Redrock Torque motors: no-compromise strength, ultra-compact design, and amazingly priced. These motors deliver the power needed to move cinema lenses, and the finesse required to focus still lenses. The Torque motors are amazingly compact and give you the freedom to place motors in more places, on more rigs and with more cameras than ever before. The microRemote system maintains compatibility with Heden digital motors for those that have already purchased Heden or want to stay with that brand. Heden are fantastic motors and we love working with them. Between the Redrock Torque and Heden, you have two great choices for your microRemote motors.

- Redrock Micro Team

Redrock is also making their microTape Rangefinder available for shipping today. You can find out more here.