Manfrotto DSLR Video Remote Review

So you just got your awesome new shoulder rig for your DSLR and love it. But as you pick it up to start filming you realize something terrible… You can’t actually control it without reaching back awkwardly to adjust settings and record… This is one of the biggest problem’s with filming on a DSLR shoulder rig. One solution is to move the camera so that it is front of you, but that creates a very front heavy rig. Luckily there is a solution to this.

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Wooden Camera Rosette Gear Review

I’ve been meaning to do a post on Rosette gear for a while. Rosettes are the best way to mount gear hands down. If something on your rig need to bear weight, you should use rosettes if possible. The most popular rosette gear is handles. Today we’re going to look at some rosette handles, arms and a bolt on rosette accessory from Wooden Camera.

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Aputure V-Control 1S Review

A lot of people don’t think about DSLR control when they setup their shoulder rig. You really want your rig to be right on top of your shoulder for balance. The problem with this, is that you can’t control focus and camera functions easily. Thats where USB controllers come in. Since we don’t have LANC controllers available to us, we have to use either wireless controllers or USB versions like the Aputure V-control UFC 1S.

Video Review

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5D vs 6D: The 9 biggest differences between the 5D Mark III and the 6D

Should I get, the 5D or the 6D? Why would anyone buy a Canon 6D? Which full-frame camera is best for video? Whats the difference between the 5D and 6D?

These are questions I get asked on a daily basis, so I decided to put together this video breaking down the 9 biggest differences between the Canon 5D Mark III and the Canon 6D. If you’re looking to get started in DSLR video and wondering which DSLR is best for you, I would suggest you start here.

Canon 5D vs 6D

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