The RagLite: A New Way to Think About LED Lighting Systems


I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I get A LOT of email. Some are questions, some are spam and then there is the promotional stuff. Everyone has something they’d like to see on the site so when I got another email about a kickstarter campaign my finger was hovering over the delete button, but I gave it a shot and watched the video about The RagLite.

The RagLite is essentially a rag with LED strips attached. After watching the Kickstarter video I was really impressed with the quality and strength of these lights. I also love how easy they would be to travel with. My only question is how the lights would hang. Getting the angle of your light source right is very important, and I don’t know how well these lights would setup.

All that said, these look like a fantastic option for those who want LED lighting on the go or just need some accent lights for their projects.

What do you think about The RagLite? Is it something you see yourself using?