Shooting a Promo Like a Film with Tim Whalen

Tim Whalen of Big Foot Creates is starting to do a lot of quality work with local breweries here is Chicago. I asked him to share some thoughts on his latest project with Begyle Brewing. Read the Q&A to learn more about how Tim shot a promo like a film and watch the final product below.

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Begyle Brewing – Community Supported Beer

Begyle Brewing – Community Supported Beer from Big Foot Media on Vimeo.

Tell me about the production and what you liked about it

In terms of production we really wanted to go all in on this one. One thing we thought would set it apart were some “bottle portraits” really showing off their branding. So we did a little bit of set design with ingredients and shot with a RED camera. We did 4K 120fps capture – it was pretty amazing to work with the footage and see that thing in action. We also did some macro work to get the shots of the hops and malts spilling into frame as well as some beer pours.

Overall, we tried to come at this more like a film, and less as a doc promo – every shot intentional. It was a really great feeling to work with a small crew on this as most of the time I go solo – it was truly an awesome team effort.

What was the concept?

So the idea I brought to Begyle was to create something cinematic and beautiful that lightly touched on where they came from, where they are now and where they are going next. A kind of visual mission statement.

What were you hoping to create?

We were hoping to create something timeless. Something that when people watched, would see a story not just about 3 guys making beer, but 3 guys who had a dream and went for it. Their story really translates to entrepreneurship.

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What did Begyle want to do with this film?

Begyle, honestly, didn’t know they wanted or needed this video – but when I brought it up to them, they were sold. They can’t wait to show off their space in person, and this will give people an idea of what to expect. It will launch the day before their doors open to the public.

How was this like a film shoot?

We really treated this one more like a film – I had Jason do the majority of the camera work and had shots in mind to direct him. It was awesome to collaborate on with this on him. Additionally, we weren’t documenting one event, we were really trying to show off the space. We had our jib, sliders, motion time-lapse rigs and a steadicam to execute the look.

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In Post, Adam and I collaborated to nail the final sequence, much like you would do with a film. He really enjoyed the fact that we shot cutaways and multiple angles to really build a few key scenes in this.

What do you hope this video does for Begyle?

I hope this video does what our other videos have done for them, given them exposure, but on a much bigger scale. These guys make some awesome beer and have really built this place from the ground up – and I can’t wait to see what’s next for them. I think what is different about this video is they will be able to use it as a mission statement, and a measuring stick for years to come. Always great to capture a moment like this.

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