Steadsnap: Simple Elegant Way to Add a Shoulder Strap to Your Camera and Tripod Plate


Steadsnap is an adaptor that easily, safely and quickly transitions your camera from shooting off the tripod to the shoulder strap. Check out the Kickstarter to back the project and get a Steadsnap for yourself.

More info from the Kickstarter page:


With Steadsnap we want to create a more seamless experience for the professional and amateur photographer/videographer alike.

The idea for Steadsnap came from Yuri, a professional photographer in the medical photography and videography field. Since the shoot is a very organic and dynamic environment, one often needs to adapt to different situations quickly.

Yuri wanted something that would help him quickly switch between shooting off the tripod and off the shoulder strap. Working in a hospital, staff and physicians would often ask to shoot video for a few seconds and switch to photos instantly and there were several times when the camera either fell or almost contaminated the operating field. Yuri wanted a safe and easy way to switch between the tripod and the shoulder strap.



  • We used the same grade Aluminum that’s used in the making of components for multi-million dollar production machines used in the paper production industry – it’s a one solid piece unit for a reason, it’s tough

  • Size designed to provide optimal surface area between unit and camera/tripod plate while keeping the unit small and light to be able to throw it in your pocket

  • Hard anodized, matte finish surface. Let’s face it, a unit like this that sees a lot of action will have scratches, we have done all that is possible to take that to a minimum

  • 2 strap attachment holes create easy access to your strap – tried and tested in the field