How to get 2 Cameras, 2 Lenses, and 2 Tripods for under $3000

I recently got an email question from a reader asking me what gear would best fit his needs. I thought I would share my answer with you guys. After talking a little, we came up with this wish list for a kit.

The idea camera. Hardly under $3000 though.

The ideal camera. Hardly under $3000 though.

Kit Wish List:

  • Needs to be under $3000
  • Decent low-light capability
  • Two Cameras would be important
  • Will need to do slow motion
  • Lenses need to be included
  • Tripods have to be in the kit

If you ask me, thats a tall order for that budget! Luckily, he would be shooting music videos, so audio equipment wouldn’t have to be a big part of the kit.

The hardest part for me was to get two cameras with decent slow motion AND lenses to fit within the budget. But I was able to make it work!

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Sick of Holiday Deals? One Last Post

I’m sure you are pretty tired of all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holiday deal posts by now. But I can’t help but share some of these killer deals. This will however be the final deals post and after today I’ll just share the best deals on the Facebook page.

If you haven’t already, do check out this post as well as this one for even more mind boggling deals.


Canon 60D (Body Only) $519

$899 $519 with instant rebate in checkout.

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Canon Rebates Are Back With 70D and 60D Deals

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 10.20.06 AM

Save Big on the Canon 70D

If you’re like me and plan to purchase the Canon 70D now is the time to strike. Canon has several rebates running and you can save up to $300 on your 70D purchase. Get more info here.

Huge Savings on the Canon 60D

On a budget and can’t afford the 70D? No problem, the Canon 60D kits are now up to $500 off! To see the offers, go to this link and click on 60D.

Lens Deals

Also be sure to check out the lens deals on B&H to save some cash.

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Canon 60D Continues to Get Cheaper, B&H Offers Kits With Extra Free Gear


I still think the Canon 60D is one of the best DSLRs for video when you take all factors into account. Price, features and quality make this camera fantastic. While the 70D is going to be an incredible replacement, the 60D remains a solid camera for beginners or those looking for a steady camera.

The 60D has been at $600 for a while now, but B&H Photo Video has a new kit package that includes a Canon bag, 16GB card and extra battery at no cost. Check it out here: Canon 60D kit.

This deal ends August 30th so don’t miss out!

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Canon 60D Price Drops Again With Kit From B&H

Price Drop

The 60D is in my opinion one of the best DSLRs for video when you take all factors into account. The price, features and build quality are fantastic on this camera. Its built much better than the rebel series but has a great price tag, which just dropped lower recently. You can now get your hands on a 60D for $599! And if you want the 18-135mm you can get a kit on B&H that includes other accessories for $899.

If I had the cash I would pick one of these up for a C-cam in a heartbeat!

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Friday Film Feed: iPhone Light Meter, 60D Gets Replaced, X-Rayed Cameras and More


Every Friday I am going to start sharing a few news items and articles I found interesting that week. I’ve never been interested in becoming the CNN of the DSLR/film blogging community. There are plenty of other sites who do a great job at it. So here is the first Friday Film Feed!

Have a great weekend all!


1. Cool iPhone meter on kickstarter – [Via FStoppers]

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A Great Time to Buy a DSLR

Seeing all these video DSLRs on sale for the holidays has me remembering when I was looking for my first video capable DSLR. 3 Years ago it was either the Nikon D90 (720p? Yuck), Canon 5D Mark II or the Canon 7D (brand new at the time). Back then it took at least $1500 to get in the game if you wanted 1080p. 3 years later its less than half that. AND there are several models in each price bracket.

Black friday is over, but there are still several great deals on HDSLRs. It is a great time to be alive for filmmakers and photographers!

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Canon Rebates: Get a New Canon 7D for $1,500!

B&H Has listed the Canon 7D at $1,500!

Even with all these other cameras coming out, I am still a huge fan of my 7D. The pro level body and features have proved themselves time after time. And if another camera ever comes out that rivals it, I know the 7D has a great resale value. So take advantage of this great deal!

Also Check out the 60D rebates and the double lens rebates are back!

JJ Kim’s 60D Quick Review

I had a chance to play with a 60D for a little bit last night and was very surprised by its build quality and the flip out screen. But for those who have not worked with one my good friend JJ Kim has shot a review showing in detail the differences between the 7D and the 60D. He also goes through the menus. For more of JJ’s videos check out his Vimeo channel and his website.

Things I noticed:

  • I am liking the audio control increments, and while dual system sound is still going to give you the highest quality, the in camera audio is going to be nice.
  • ISO Range is the same. After working on sets with the T2i, I really appreciate my 7D’s wider ISO range. Good to know the 60D is up there too.
  • While the flip out screen is nice, adding a viewfinder may pose a problem. Last night we tinkered with the 60D and a Z-finder and the LCD-VF neither fit perfectly and the Z-finder seems like it was a little heavy to be use while the screen was out. Something to consider.
  • The 60D has less buttons. But I love how all of the buttons are on the right side. This means as a shooter we can access all controls with the right thumb and forefinger.


JJ has shot a second video sharing more info on the 7D vs the 60D. Check it: