Battery Plate that Powers Your DSLR and Accessories for Over 12 Hours

If you’re looking for a way to extend your cameras power this is the tool for you.

I recently purchased this NP-F970 Battery Adapter that is compatible with Canon DSLRs. I was a little worried about the quality from the pictures online but I thought I’d take the plunge and share my findings with you guys. After receiving the unit, I hooked it up with 2 Sony NP-F970 batteries and let if run all day with the camera recording AND powering my monitor… 8 Hours later, I called it a day and decided I like this thing. I still haven’t fully tested the unit to see how long it would power the camera and accessories but it’ll give you a full day at least.

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How to Keep Track of Your Battery Levels

batteriesIt is the end of a long day of shooting, and you have one last crucial shot/interview to get, when all a sudden “click!!!!” your camera shuts down. Your heart sinks as you check the camera screen to find that evil little empty battery symbol mockingly blinking back. “Its ok… I have spare batteries” you say to yourself as you franticly search your bag for batteries…

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Episode 47: Vello DSLR Battery Grips

I have been using these battery grips on both my cameras for a while now, and really love them. Not only do they give you extra power (which is great for us video folk), but you also get a more stable camera, easier access to batteries, and you’ll look like a boss doing it. These Vello battery grips are also very affordable compared to the Canon brand options.

Quicktime File.

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Beware of Counterfeit Camera Accessories

I got an email this morning from Glenn Pugh sharing this article, and I wanted to pass it along. I had no idea how bad the Canon, Nikon and Sony counterfeit battery situation was. Be careful when buying “brand name” because you may be buy a total fake. For more info check out this article from The Digital Picture’s website.

I can’t speak for other camera batteries but I have found this off brand battery to be the a great compatible chipped LP-E6 battery.

Thanks for the heads up Glenn!

Image credit: The Digital Picture