Canon 7D Mark II Officially Announced


The new 7D Mark II is finally here! This is now Canon’s best video DSLR in my opinion thanks to some new video features including clean HDMI out, 60FPS at 1080p, headphone jack, better video auto focus and more.

Now, this isn’t the most innovative camera when you consider the Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7s, but if you’re a Canon shooter and want to stick with their system, this is going to be a killer option.

You can preorder the 7D Mark II for 1,799 at B&H or Amazon.

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Canon 40mm F2.8 STM Lens Only $150


The Canon 40mm is the perfect budget Canon lens or backup lens. You can’t beat the price of this thing, and if you shoot with auto focus, that STM makes a big difference. Right now you can save $50 and get your 40mm at B&H Photo Video or Amazon for $150.

So if you’re looking to get an affordable Canon lens, or just need an extra lens for a second or third camera angle, this is a great buy.

Canon 40mm F2.8 STM ($150) at Amazon and B&H

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New Canon Lenses Announced: Who Should Buy Them?

Today we have announcements of two brand new Canon lenses. The Canon 16-35mm F4.0L IS lens and the Canon 10-18mm F4.5-5.6 IS STM lens. At first I felt very meh about the news. But after looking closer I think both these lenses are going to be killer tools for filmmakers. Let take a look at each and discuss their uses.

Canon 16-35mm F4.0L IS – $1,199

At first glance this looks like a cheaper version of the Canon 16-35mm F2.8L lens that is already available. But this sucker has IS which is HUGE for video use. I know so many shooters who are in love with this lens and use it all the time, so to have a similar model but with IS is pretty sick. Not to mention this lens is about $500 cheaper than the F2.8 version which gives you more than enough savings to pick up the other new Canon lens…


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Filming Japan: A Journey Between Tradition And Modernity

This is a Guest Post by Nick Arcivos and Ryan Earl on how they filmed this great project about Japan. Enjoy!

This short film presents Japan from Kyoto to Tokyo and Nara through authentic scenes of Japanese lifestyle. It was shot in 2 weeks and was created by Nick Arcivos and Ryan Earl from AmnesiArt. They share their insights on how they shoot the film, what gear they use and why they chose it.

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New Canon 7D Replacement May Be Announced at NAB 2014


A couple days ago Canon Rumors posted an article stating that two different individuals said we should expect a Canon EOS 7D replacement at NAB this year.

This news is exciting for 2 reasons:

  1. Its NAB… Not a photography event. And since Canon usually announces and/or releases Canon EOS Cinema cameras at NAB its an exciting sign that we might see something special… Or at least special for Canon… Which isn’t saying much but still.
  2. We might see the first APS-C video DSLR that can keep up with the specs of the 5D Mark III. There really isn’t an APS-C video DSLR that can standup to the 5D Mark III at the moment so it would be great if Canon gave us a hard core video brother to the 5D.

Rumor Mill Specs

These aren’t set in stone by any means at all. But we can dream right? Heres what the internet is saying about a possible new 7D or 7D replacement:

  • ~24MP sensor with Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • Auto-Focus system similar to the EOS 5D Mark III (61 points), possibly the same as 5D3
  • High frame rate, 10-12 fps
  • “high grade” weather sealing, like Canon’s professional DSLRs
  • Dual Digic V+ processor
  • Single card slot
  • WiFi & GPS
  • Innovative video features
  • Price around $2000
  • Very good ISO performance

What do you think of all this? Do you think we’ll see a new high end APS-C camera? If we do, will you be getting one? Personally, I would be very interested in a $2000 APS-C version of the 5D Mark III. Even if all we go was a nicer sensor and a headphone jack.

[Via Canon Rumors, Canon Watch]

5D vs 6D: The 9 biggest differences between the 5D Mark III and the 6D

Should I get, the 5D or the 6D? Why would anyone buy a Canon 6D? Which full-frame camera is best for video? Whats the difference between the 5D and 6D?

These are questions I get asked on a daily basis, so I decided to put together this video breaking down the 9 biggest differences between the Canon 5D Mark III and the Canon 6D. If you’re looking to get started in DSLR video and wondering which DSLR is best for you, I would suggest you start here.

Canon 5D vs 6D

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Canon 40mm: Killer Cheap Canon Lens


The Canon 40mm F2.8 STM recently went on sale for $129 online so I had to grab one. I don’t have that many lenses and I really wanted a small lens for the EOS-M to use for podcasting. So now my lens collection is as follows:

Next I’d like to get a 70-200 and a 16-35. But the lenses I have now are working great.

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Sick of Holiday Deals? One Last Post

I’m sure you are pretty tired of all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holiday deal posts by now. But I can’t help but share some of these killer deals. This will however be the final deals post and after today I’ll just share the best deals on the Facebook page.

If you haven’t already, do check out this post as well as this one for even more mind boggling deals.


Canon 60D (Body Only) $519

$899 $519 with instant rebate in checkout.

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Canon Rebates Are Back With 70D and 60D Deals

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 10.20.06 AM

Save Big on the Canon 70D

If you’re like me and plan to purchase the Canon 70D now is the time to strike. Canon has several rebates running and you can save up to $300 on your 70D purchase. Get more info here.

Huge Savings on the Canon 60D

On a budget and can’t afford the 70D? No problem, the Canon 60D kits are now up to $500 off! To see the offers, go to this link and click on 60D.

Lens Deals

Also be sure to check out the lens deals on B&H to save some cash.

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Canon 60D Continues to Get Cheaper, B&H Offers Kits With Extra Free Gear


I still think the Canon 60D is one of the best DSLRs for video when you take all factors into account. Price, features and quality make this camera fantastic. While the 70D is going to be an incredible replacement, the 60D remains a solid camera for beginners or those looking for a steady camera.

The 60D has been at $600 for a while now, but B&H Photo Video has a new kit package that includes a Canon bag, 16GB card and extra battery at no cost. Check it out here: Canon 60D kit.

This deal ends August 30th so don’t miss out!

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Canon 70D Features And Details Round Up

There is more info coming out on the Canon 70D as videos come out and people share their opinions. I am really excited about this new camera. Sure, its not really a revolutionary update (more like Canon catching up) but it is still looking like a solid video work horse. I think I will be moving from my 5D2/7D setup to a 5D3 and 70D combo. It will be so good to have a solid low light APS-C sensor!


Canon Australia put together this video highlighting a lot of the new features on the Canon 70D. This dual pixel sensor is looking pretty impressive.

Here is another video taking a first look at the Canon 70D:

Auto Focus

Check out this short film shot using the 70D’s new auto focus system. The editing is very poor on this, but it gives you a good feel for the auto focus accuracy.

You can preorder your 70D on B&H here.

Just Announced: The New Canon 70D

New Canon 70D

Canon just announced the new Canon 70D, and it is one of their best video DSLRs yet.

For a long time there was a disconnect between Canon DSLRs in my mind… We had a new rebel coming out every 5 minutes with touch flip-out screens and auto focus features, and then the 60D, a solid camera with a proper ISO range to match it’s big brother’s. FINALLY we have a new camera with all of the goodness from the rebel line, WITH better settings and build quality.

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Canon 60D Price Drops Again With Kit From B&H

Price Drop

The 60D is in my opinion one of the best DSLRs for video when you take all factors into account. The price, features and build quality are fantastic on this camera. Its built much better than the rebel series but has a great price tag, which just dropped lower recently. You can now get your hands on a 60D for $599! And if you want the 18-135mm you can get a kit on B&H that includes other accessories for $899.

If I had the cash I would pick one of these up for a C-cam in a heartbeat!

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