Gear Demos, Budget Solutions and Documentary Equipment Interview with POV

Doc Chat

POV (a PBS show about documentaries and filmmaking) asked me to join a Google+ panel event called Doc Chat. I was joined by Professor Duy Linh Tu of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism to demo gear and answer viewer questions. The live hangout went very well and we covered a lot of great questions.

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Shooting a documentary with the Sony A99

Daniel SmukallaThis is a Guest Post by Daniel Smukalla, Director of Sedae.




These days, there are so many great cameras on the market, which is why I had such a difficult time last year deciding upon which one to purchase to shoot the Korean documentary “Sedae”. Originally I wanted to get a video camera, since video is my primary purpose, but flexibility with time lapse was also needed to tell the story of “Sedae”. In that regard, DSLRs are superior. However, I wasn’t ready to commit to a DSLR. I would shoot with them, and loved the images, but still felt limited since it was missing many of the features that I wanted from a video camera. Once I was ready to buy a camera though, the Sony a99 came on the market, and it convinced me of its ability to do video.

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Monday Like: Cars I See – 1984 Porsche 930

Found this short documentary on Vimeo last week. Really enjoyed it’s clean, simple and elegant flow. Also check out the Cars I See Vimeo profile for a couple other videos.

From the Vimeo description:

This is a story of one man’s 28 year journey to own a Porsche 930. Jim Goodlett’s 1984 grey market 930 Turbo is a beautiful example of a classic Porsche 911, but it also represents the accomplishment of a goal he set for himself as a young man who could only dream of one day owning this supercar.

Many thanks to Jim Goodlett for sharing his time and his story.

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Monday Likes: Shanghai 5 Documentary

Found this awesome little doc shot on Canon DSLRs. Goes to show with an interesting story, some friends, and a couple cameras you can share a story thousands would have otherwise never experienced.

Shanghai 5 from Charles Lanceplaine on Vimeo.

A documentary about skateboarding in Shanghai.

Directed, Filmed, produced and edited by: Charles Lanceplaine
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Monday Likes: The Parking Lot Movie

Well ladies and gents, its that time of the week. *Takes a sip of coffee…

Today’s like is a documentary I saw a couple of weeks ago that is in my top 5 docs list. Don’t be fooled by the title, The Parking Lot Movie is a profoundly deep philosophical look at humanity from the perspective of a couple of parking lot attendants. So check out the trailer below, visit the website to grab the full doc on DVD, and enjoy this hilarious and well done documentary.