Making of American Loneliness

This is a guest post by filmmaker Mathieu LE LAY on his latest film American Loneliness.

Since I started adventuring and filming into the wild, I had the dream to hit the American road on my own, backpacking into some of the most inspiring natural areas of the United States. I planned this trip lately.

American Loneliness, my new 52 minutes documentary film, is coming out this summer 2014. It tells my solitary journey into one of the most attractive areas on the planet : the American West. The road trip consisted of a six week adventure backpacking through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Washington. From snowstorms in Yellowstone to the Wild Pacific coast, this is a quest for freedom and the great outdoors.

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Gear Demos, Budget Solutions and Documentary Equipment Interview with POV

Doc Chat

POV (a PBS show about documentaries and filmmaking) asked me to join a Google+ panel event called Doc Chat. I was joined by Professor Duy Linh Tu of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism to demo gear and answer viewer questions. The live hangout went very well and we covered a lot of great questions.

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Shooting a documentary with the Sony A99

Daniel SmukallaThis is a Guest Post by Daniel Smukalla, Director of Sedae.




These days, there are so many great cameras on the market, which is why I had such a difficult time last year deciding upon which one to purchase to shoot the Korean documentary “Sedae”. Originally I wanted to get a video camera, since video is my primary purpose, but flexibility with time lapse was also needed to tell the story of “Sedae”. In that regard, DSLRs are superior. However, I wasn’t ready to commit to a DSLR. I would shoot with them, and loved the images, but still felt limited since it was missing many of the features that I wanted from a video camera. Once I was ready to buy a camera though, the Sony a99 came on the market, and it convinced me of its ability to do video.

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Monday Like: Cars I See – 1984 Porsche 930

Found this short documentary on Vimeo last week. Really enjoyed it’s clean, simple and elegant flow. Also check out the Cars I See Vimeo profile for a couple other videos.

From the Vimeo description:

This is a story of one man’s 28 year journey to own a Porsche 930. Jim Goodlett’s 1984 grey market 930 Turbo is a beautiful example of a classic Porsche 911, but it also represents the accomplishment of a goal he set for himself as a young man who could only dream of one day owning this supercar.

Many thanks to Jim Goodlett for sharing his time and his story.

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Monday Likes: Shanghai 5 Documentary

Found this awesome little doc shot on Canon DSLRs. Goes to show with an interesting story, some friends, and a couple cameras you can share a story thousands would have otherwise never experienced.

Shanghai 5 from Charles Lanceplaine on Vimeo.

A documentary about skateboarding in Shanghai.

Directed, Filmed, produced and edited by: Charles Lanceplaine
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Monday Likes: The Parking Lot Movie

Well ladies and gents, its that time of the week. *Takes a sip of coffee…

Today’s like is a documentary I saw a couple of weeks ago that is in my top 5 docs list. Don’t be fooled by the title, The Parking Lot Movie is a profoundly deep philosophical look at humanity from the perspective of a couple of parking lot attendants. So check out the trailer below, visit the website to grab the full doc on DVD, and enjoy this hilarious and well done documentary.