10 Best DSLR Gear Purchases for Beginners

It’s a daunting task. Figuring out what gear you need to shoot video on a DSLR isn’t terribly simple. There is soooo much stuff out there for shooting with HDSLRs these days. We have rigs, glide cams, tripods, sliders, cages and much more. For someone getting started, it can be a nightmare trying to figure out what you REALLY need. If you are feeling a little bewildered don’t worry, I have written this list with you in mind. So take a deep breath and read on.

Great, so you’ve lightened your wallet a little and have a camera in your hands. What now? Here are 10 things every HDSLR beginner should buy first.

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Dan Chung’s 1D X First Look

Dan the man got a chance to get some more information on the new Canon 1D X and put it through some quick HDMI and USB testing.

I really hope a lot of these features make it to the 5D and future HDSLRs.

Screen grab from video click here to view video.

Stuff that excited me:

  • Non-Line skipping.
  • Better compression options.
  • Audio controls.
  • Less moire and rolling shutter.

Instant Rebates on Canon DSLRs and Kits Save up to $250

Our friends over at B&H are offering several instant rebates on Canon DSLRs. This is a great opportunity for those who have not yet invested in these cameras. This is also a great time to pick up a B-cam for those of us who need more than one camera body. To see all the rebates click here. DSLR Video Shooter is an affiliate with B&H. So if you do bye from this link you will be supporting future content on this site. And for that I thank you.

Getting Started With DSLR Video

8 Simple steps for getting started with DSLR video.

Alex Maximov recently messaged me with this question:

“I am getting into DSLR stuff and I am thinking of buying Rebel t2i camera.
What would be your advice for me as a beginning cinematographer?…”

I have been receiving a lot of emails from people asking where to start with learning DSLR video. This guide is my answer to those interested in getting started. This is also the process that got me started.

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