Essential Video Production Gear for Filmmakers

Cameras and lenses are great, but don’t forget the basics! We can easily overlook some basic production equipment that is crucial to success when on set. In this video I show you a pile of important gear I always have on my shoots. I also share some slate tips.

This is just a few items… I didn’t cover a lot of lighting tools and toys (saving that for another video). What production gear do you swear by on set?

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Beautiful Camera Gear: Some of the Best Craftsmanship in Film

Its All About Story

This gets said a lot. And it is absolutely true. Story trumps tools and toys all day long, but I’m putting that aside today to admire the craftsmanship and beauty of gear. Function is important, but when function and beautiful design come together you get something amazing.

Ergo Cine Rigs

These wooden rigs by Ergo Cine are absolutely stunning. Love the natural look that also brings proper economics to todays cameras. Have a look at their website for more information.


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