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Lens reviews and lens accessories for DSLRs and cinema cameras.

DSLR Gear Deal Roundup

There are a ton of deals going on at B&H for a very short time. Thought I would list them for you guys here. The Canon rebates end in 2 days and I am being told the 60D, T3i, and 7D deals won’t be around long.


[sws_grey_box box_size="630"] Update 7/30/12 – Looks like the 60D and T3i deals are now over. The Macbook deal is still going though. [/sws_grey_box]

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Canon T4i and 40mm Lens Available for Pre-Order

Canon has release yet another HDSLR. The Canon T4i hasn’t added too much to what Canon currently offers. Autofocus during filming, angled touch screen lcd, and improved low-light sensitivity are some of the new features we’re seeing on this camera.

Canon Rebel T4i on B&H Photo Video

Canon also has announced a new 40mm Pancake lens. This lens is one of the new video optimized lenses from Canon. So you will find it to be much more quiet compared to other lenses. I am interested to see where Canon takes this idea going forward.

Canon 40mm Lens on B&H Photo Video

Nikkor Lenses: Nikon to Canon Adapter for DSLR Video

There is a wonderful world of manual lenses out there. This guide is dedicated to using Nikkor lenses on Canon, and other camera mounts. Using a Nikon to Canon adapter you can bring these incredible lenses back to life.

Quicktime File.

Here is what we will be covering:

  1. [1:45] Different Types of Nikkor Lenses (NON-AI, AI, and AIS)
  2. [5:25] How to Adapter the Nikon Mount to Canon and Others
  3. [9:49] Why Use Manual Nikkors?
  4. [12:50] Where to Buy Nikkor Lenses
  5. [14:20] How to Customize These Lenses for Video

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Canon Rebates: Get a New Canon 7D for $1,500!

B&H Has listed the Canon 7D at $1,500!

Even with all these other cameras coming out, I am still a huge fan of my 7D. The pro level body and features have proved themselves time after time. And if another camera ever comes out that rivals it, I know the 7D has a great resale value. So take advantage of this great deal!

Also Check out the 60D rebates and the double lens rebates are back!

Affordable FD Lenses For HDSLR Use

FD lenses are old manual Canon lenses that became almost completely obsolete by the EOS mount Canon cameras. What is so great about these lenses is their crazy low price. I picked up 3 lenses (50mm F1.8, 135mm F2.8, 80-200mm F3.9) for $50 on ebay.

To use these lenses with your Canon EOS camera you will need an adaptor. I had heard bad things about the cheapo adaptors so I picked up the Fotodiox FD to EOS for $30 which works great. I have already dropped it and it took it well.Read More…