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Lens reviews and lens accessories for DSLRs and cinema cameras.

DSLR Gear Deal Roundup

There are a ton of deals going on at B&H for a very short time. Thought I would list them for you guys here. The Canon rebates end in 2 days and I am being told the 60D, T3i, and 7D deals won’t be around long.


[sws_grey_box box_size="630"] Update 7/30/12 - Looks like the 60D and T3i deals are now over. The Macbook deal is still going though. [/sws_grey_box]

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Canon T4i and 40mm Lens Available for Pre-Order

Canon has release yet another HDSLR. The Canon T4i hasn’t added too much to what Canon currently offers. Autofocus during filming, angled touch screen lcd, and improved low-light sensitivity are some of the new features we’re seeing on this camera.

Canon Rebel T4i on B&H Photo Video

Canon also has announced a new 40mm Pancake lens. This lens is one of the new video optimized lenses from Canon. So you will find it to be much more quiet compared to other lenses. I am interested to see where Canon takes this idea going forward.

Canon 40mm Lens on B&H Photo Video

Nikkor Lenses: Nikon to Canon Adapter for DSLR Video

There is a wonderful world of manual lenses out there. This guide is dedicated to using Nikkor lenses on Canon, and other camera mounts. Using a Nikon to Canon adapter you can bring these incredible lenses back to life.

Quicktime File.

Here is what we will be covering:

  1. [1:45] Different Types of Nikkor Lenses (NON-AI, AI, and AIS)
  2. [5:25] How to Adapter the Nikon Mount to Canon and Others
  3. [9:49] Why Use Manual Nikkors?
  4. [12:50] Where to Buy Nikkor Lenses
  5. [14:20] How to Customize These Lenses for Video

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