Manfrotto DSLR Video Remote Review

So you just got your awesome new shoulder rig for your DSLR and love it. But as you pick it up to start filming you realize something terrible… You can’t actually control it without reaching back awkwardly to adjust settings and record… This is one of the biggest problem’s with filming on a DSLR shoulder rig. One solution is to move the camera so that it is front of you, but that creates a very front heavy rig. Luckily there is a solution to this.

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Clever Anti-Twist Plate For Manfrotto Quick Release Plates


Anti-twist plates are important. Without some way to lock your camera down your DSLR will swivel left and right while mounted to your quick release. This becomes a big problem when you try to use a follow focus. While there are many different anti-swivel plates out there, this new one from Photography and Cinema is brilliant. It mounts directly to your quick release plate making it easy to use and without the bulk that other anti-twist plates suffer from.

No pricing information is available yet, but I’ll keep you guys posted.

Episode 42: Accessories From 4 DSLR

I’ve been using some of this gear from 4 DSLR for a while now, thought I’d share it with you. They make 2 great accessories for the H4n and Manfrotto tripod heads.

Check them out at

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Gear I mentioned in the video:

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