4 Reasons Why I Do Not Recommend Nikon Cameras for Video

UPDATE: People seem to be confusing the purpose of this video. Please understand 3 things before watching my video below:

  1. I made this video because people ask me why I don’t shoot with Nikon cameras. I’m not here trying to preach against Nikon, just answering a question with a video.
  2. This is MY opinion to be taken as just that, an opinion, not law. These are the reasons I personally don’t use Nikon. Not anyone else’s.
  3. If you have chosen Nikon as your camera system, good for you! I don’t have anything against Nikon shooters!

– End of Update –

One of the top questions I get asked is why I don’t recommend Nikon cameras or do more Nikon body reviews. In today’s video I go through my 4 reasons for not recommending Nikon cameras for video:

1. Nikon F Mount

On Canon, Panasonic and Sony cameras you have vast selection of lens options thanks to a more flexible flange distant. You can use Nikon glass and tons of other brands/mounts where as on a Nikon, you can never use Canon lenses and others.

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Rebates and Deals: Good Times for Nikon Shooters

842926If you are a Nikon shooter and you’ve been waiting to get in on some full frame action, you are in for a treat. B&H Photo Video has factory refurbished full frame cameras with rebates… AND Nikon lens rebates are here for a few days.

HUGE Nikon DSLR Savings

B&H now has the Nikon D600 Factory Refurb
For $1599.95
and Nikon D800 Refurb for $2399.95 ($100 instant rebate just added)

both price expire shortly. As you know the Nikon Lens Special Rebate has just started
and the response has been fantastic. Now is a great time Join the full-frame revolution.

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A Great Time to Buy a DSLR

Seeing all these video DSLRs on sale for the holidays has me remembering when I was looking for my first video capable DSLR. 3 Years ago it was either the Nikon D90 (720p? Yuck), Canon 5D Mark II or the Canon 7D (brand new at the time). Back then it took at least $1500 to get in the game if you wanted 1080p. 3 years later its less than half that. AND there are several models in each price bracket.

Black friday is over, but there are still several great deals on HDSLRs. It is a great time to be alive for filmmakers and photographers!

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Full Frame Camera Options… Check… What’s Next for Large Sensor Cameras?

The age of full frame sensors is upon us. Just this week Canon announced the 6D. Thats the 5th full frame camera announcement in the past week kids… Only a little while ago there was really only one solid, full frame camera that could be used for video use (the Canon 5D mark II). As of today there are now TEN (check out the lineup below). And half of them are around $3k.

Here is where I want to hear from you, now that full frame has becoming available to all, whats next? And please for the love of pete don’t say 4k…

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Big Deal Cameras from Sony and Nikon

Things are getting ridiculous… First it was the Canon 5DmkII, then everyone made an HDSLR, then we had the awkward AF100, Sony’s FS100, and from there it just got out of control. To add to the madness, Sony and Nikon have announced new cameras. There are easily 5 stellar cameras in every price range now its a good time to be alive.

So here a breakdown of whats new.

Nikon D600

  • Now the cheapest full frame, video enabled camera.
  • Clean HDMI out.
  • Mic AND headphone input/outputs.
  • $2,100.

Beware of Counterfeit Camera Accessories

I got an email this morning from Glenn Pugh sharing this article, and I wanted to pass it along. I had no idea how bad the Canon, Nikon and Sony counterfeit battery situation was. Be careful when buying “brand name” because you may be buy a total fake. For more info check out this article from The Digital Picture’s website.

I can’t speak for other camera batteries but I have found this off brand battery to be the a great compatible chipped LP-E6 battery.

Thanks for the heads up Glenn!

Image credit: The Digital Picture