Creating a Compact Camera Package with the Cinevate Simplis

I’ve been using the Simplis for over a year now and love it. I have found that with most rigs shooting minimally is very difficult. But with the Cinevate, you have a lot of flexibility to change up your camera package.

From small mobile setups (like the one in this video) to fully kitted studio setups, the Cinevate Simplis is a fantastic tool.

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Wednesday Rigging: A New Weekly Article Series


This is the first of a new weekly series I would like to start called “Wednesday Rigging”

Whats cool about this series, is that the content is going to be created by YOU the readers. Thats right, I am asking for you guys to submit pictures of your rigs to be showed on the site. I am always interested in seeing what people are using for rigs and gear with their cameras.

How To Get Involved

Want to see your rig on DSLR Video Shooter? Send me an email with the following:

  • Good quality pictures of your rig.
  • List of all the parts/gear.
  • Description of how you use the rig.
  • Link of some kind to you (website, twitter handle etc).

I will select one rig to be shared every Wednesday.

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5 Great DSLR Rigs You Can Get on the Cheap

Which rig should I get?

Next to “which lens should I buy?” this question is asked of me most. I get a ton of emails with questions on buying lenses, cameras and all kinds of other things.
After working with numerous camera rigs from several manufacturers, I have found myself recommending these 5 affordable rigs to people.

should rig 2

Polaroid DSLR Rig 

This is one of my favorite rigs right now. A flexible rig for a fantastic price.

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Gearbox DSLR Cage Review

There seems to be an infinite host of rigs available for the DSLR video shooter these days. From the big brands like Zacuto, Redrock Micro and Letus Direct, to smaller machinists on Kickstarter, it is easy to find something that will get the job done. What is not easy, is finding something that will get the job done well. This is where the Gearbox DSLR cage comes in. I’ve had the opportunity to use this cage for over a month, and am VERY happy with what I have found.

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Episode 39: Building a Flexible Top Handle Rig


Looks like Express35 Changed their handle design so it functions more like the Cinevate handle. So you might be able to find a more affordable option elsewhere or just use the Cinevate handle.

Friction monitor arms for a top handle, who knew? Check out this simple yet efficient rig.

Quicktime File.

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Update: Cheap Shoulder Rig Works Perfectly for HDSLR Work

UPDATE: I updated this video so make sure you check out the new version here with all the updated gear.

Getting into the HDSLR game isn’t a cheap move. While there are cheap rigs and gear out there, often they are poorly build and/or limited to only a few uses. This rig, on the other hand, is one that I really like using and its only $20 (price varies these days).

CowboyStudio Rig on Amazon.

Parts List

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Cinevate’s Cyclops System

Cinevate recently put out 3 videos showcasing different configurations for their new Cyclops viewfinder. While I have yet to use one, I have no doubt the optics on this unit will be of incredible quality. I am very excited about Cinevate’s new solutions for HDSLR shooters and how they are providing tools to help us achieve more with these great cameras.

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