How Lenses Assist In Storytelling: A Shane Hurlbut Post Series

I have been following Shane Hurlbut for a long time now and always find his content interesting and educational. Recently Shane put together a series of posts on lenses for storytelling and I thought it was worth a share here.

Shane has worked with more cinema lens sets than most of us could dream of working with in a lifetime, so he really can speak with authority on the subject.

How Lenses Assist in Storytelling

Shane breaks lenses for storytelling into 3 posts:

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DSLR Film: Act of Valor

I had the opportunity to see Act of Valor last night at a prescreening (shout out to Christopher Kou for the invite).

You all should definitely check the film out. It was shot almost completely with the 5D, and 7D. It was interesting seeing the evolution of Shane Hurlbuts use of DSLRs in the film. There are a couple scenes where it looks like it was shot at 30FPS and twixtored down the 23.97. Especially in one night scene early in the film where a male and female are walking down the street you can see the lights in the background doing crazy things.

The film is loaded with COD style first person shots which really worked. Most of the time I couldn’t believe they used HDSLRs. The film as a whole is beautiful. And of course the story is incredible. Huge props to Bandito Brothers and the Hurbut Visual team for delivering such a fantastic film.

Check out the making of video, and the trailer:

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Shane Hurlbut at the Master Cinema Launch

I wish I could have made it out for the Master Cinema Launch that took place recently. But thanks to Matt Jeppson of FreshDV we can all get a peak at what was announced and released. One thing that interested me was the seemingly obnoxious EVF tilt mechanism that Shane shows off. While it is huge, I can see how useful it could be in certain enviornments. Clever stuff. Take a peak via the video below.


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I am not one of those link hogs who only promotes myself, I would be foolish to think that only I have knowledge to share about this revolutionary change in video camera form factor. That said here is a list of blogs and website I follow that are must reads for anyone using or interested in DSLR for film and video.

  • Shane Hurlbut – Shane is creating incredible films with these cameras. Learn what he is using and how he does it on his blog.
  • Philip Bloom – If you haven’t been following Bloom’s tweets and his blog than your missing out on a huge about of great info from one of the leader HDLR filmmakers.
  • Vincent Laforet’s Blog – Another leader in the DSLR cinematography.
  • Canon Filmmakers – Created by the awesome Jon Conner and Christina Valdivi.
  • Cinema5D Forum – You will finding video and filmmakers from all walks of life sharing valuable information here.
  • The C47 – Jem Schofield talks about HDSLRs, lighting, audio and production tips in his daily podcast “Gear Box.”
  • Negative Spaces Blog – Video engineering, HD production and digital cinema content by Ben Cain.
  • 16×9 Cinema Convergence Podcast – Video, photography and motion graphics convergence podcast.
  • FreshDV – Gear blog covering a range of HDSLR topics.
  • DSLR News Shooter – dedicated to the use of the latest HD-DSLRs for news, documentary and factual shooting. Run by Dan Chung.
  • Planet5D – DSLR Video forum.

If you think I am missing one please let me know in the comments!