A Great Time to Buy a DSLR

Seeing all these video DSLRs on sale for the holidays has me remembering when I was looking for my first video capable DSLR. 3 Years ago it was either the Nikon D90 (720p? Yuck), Canon 5D Mark II or the Canon 7D (brand new at the time). Back then it took at least $1500 to get in the game if you wanted 1080p. 3 years later its less than half that. AND there are several models in each price bracket.

Black friday is over, but there are still several great deals on HDSLRs. It is a great time to be alive for filmmakers and photographers!

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Incredible Canon T3i Rebate

Canon T3i, 2 lenses, a bag, a card and a printer with photo paper for $599 after rebate…

Check this out, B&H Photo Video has a HUGE Canon bundle including the following items:

All for $599…

Normally this would cost 1377.00 So with the mail in rebate you are saving $778. Thats crazy talk. Get your bundle while they last.

Canon T3i $599 Mail in Rebate Bundle