Zoom H6 Review

New Reviewers!
For the past 4 years I’ve been creating content on my own, but today I am very excited to announce some new guys will be joining me. Alex Smith and Stephen Holzman of Holzman & Smith Studios will be helping me out with some reviews. Be sure to check out their work and enjoy their killer Zoom H6 review!

Zoom has made one of the best audio recording devices out there. Check out an in depth take of how the Zoom H6 functions in the field.

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What’s in Caleb’s Audio Bag?

Thought I would give you guys a tour of my audio bag. In this video you see everything I use for audio except XLR cables which I keep in a different bag. In total, this kit would cost around $1250 new, but you could definitely cut some corners and you don’t have to have all of this to get started. I have linked all the gear mentioned in the video below.

What’s in your audio bag?

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Details On The Amazing New Zoom H6 Recorder

I think I am going to have to get one of these…. VERY curious how good the attachment mics are. I Love the idea of having the ability to mount different mics right onto the recorder. Love the design so far too. Will any of you be picking one up? I’ll see if I can get one in for review.

You can preorder the Zoom H6 now from B&H Photo Video here. Still waiting to see the price on the accessory mics.

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Episode 44: Tascam DR100 Mark II and Zoom H4n Compared

[sws_grey_box box_size="621"] Disclaimer: I was given this item for free in exchange for a review. But like all my reviews I am being as objective as possible. [/sws_grey_box]

I have been using the H4n for as long as I have been shooting on HDSLRs. It has taken good care of me and I have not had any major problems with it. So if people think I am being unfair to the H4n they should also try the Tascam DR100… They might find themselves picking one up. Even though the H4n has become the most used audio recorder by HDSLR shooters, I believe the DR100 MkII has a serious edge on it.

Quicktime File.

Gear Mentioned:

Tascam DR100 MkII

Zoom H4n