Why I Bought an EOS-M Camera for Video


I just pulled the trigger on a new Canon EOS-M and here are 7 reasons for my actions. If you want a cheap APS-C camera for video you can find it here.

1. Price Tag

The EOS-M was launched with an $800 price tag, which is ridiculous seeing as it shared almost identical features with cheaper rebel cameras. But with the camera being discontinued and Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals hitting, I got an EOS-M Body for $244 on Amazon which was a no brainer.

2. Perfect Podcaster Camera

I am always looking to minimalize my podcasting setup. As someone who shoots all his videos from an apartment in Chicago, it is crucial that I keep things efficient. Time is money, and if I can spend less time fiddling setting gear up, I can spend more time producing content.

So my new setup will be the EOS-M with an EF adapter (found a great knock off for $60), an AC power chord so I don’t have to deal with batteries and a small tripod with a monitor. I will do a video on the setup in the future.

3. It’s Duy Linh Tu’s Fault

I was recently invited to do a short live Q&A session with Duy Linh Tu and while checking out his videos I found this one where he mentioned the lower price tag of the EOS-M. That video coupled with the crazy recent price drop on the EOS-M had me pulling the trigger. So I place a lot of the blame on Duy. Thanks man!

4. 3rd Camera for Under $300

I would love to have a third camera for use on shoots and for my podcast. I would really like to have two angles for my videos and I really need three cameras to do that (one camera is usually in my hand).

5. The Full Frames are Lonely

At the moment I have a 6D and a 5DmkII (sold my 7D) and they are great, but having an APS-C sensor in your kit is so nice for lens/angle flexibility.

6. Danger Cam

Having a small, sub-$300 camera is really nice for dangerous shooting. If I need to put a camera somewhere precarious or tight, I’m now set. $250 is easier to replace than a $1500 DSLR.

7. Video Content

Thanks to this site and you guys, whenever I buy gear I am thinking about video content I can do on it. So you will be seeing some minimal budget setups as well as an EOS-M for video review ;-)

Closing Thoughts

Looking forward to bringing you more content on this little camera and how I’m using it for video. Check out the crazy deals on this little guy here:

Canon EOS-M Body $244 on Amazon