Learn Cinematography From 9 Professionals for FREE

The online cinematography event Big League CineSummit just went live today! The Big League CineSummit is a free event for those that register now and it features 9 awesome cinematographers who will dive deep into specific aspects of cinematography. I’m really excited to learn some new stuff myself. This year’s speakers range from the industries best that work on Hollywood features to DP’s that shoot Top Brand Commercials. Check out this video to see what these speakers have done:

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How to Build a Custom EVF/Monitor Mount

Trust me when I say an EVF mount is better than a monitor arm. I’ve used monitor arms for a while and didn’t really think much of EVF mounts until I tried one. The only problem with an EVF mount is cost, they’re pretty expensive and the cheaper ones are bulky (that said, the Edelkrone version looks nice).

So I grab by box of parts and put one together myself. Check out the video and gear list below.

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G-Technology Launches New ‘Studio’ Line of External Hard Drives


If you’re like me, you’re seriously looking into upgrading to a 4K workflow. One big part of this is storage and speed. And while there are a ton of storage solutions out there, G-Technology has just announced 2 new hard drive enclosures with 4K content creators in mind, the G-SPEED Studio and the G-RAID Studio. Pricing ranges from $649 for a 4TB model to $3,599 for the 24TB model. Now, before I get comments with people complaining about the price, let me tell you why I think these are worth it:

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Battery Plate that Powers Your DSLR and Accessories for Over 12 Hours

If you’re looking for a way to extend your cameras power this is the tool for you.

I recently purchased this NP-F970 Battery Adapter that is compatible with Canon DSLRs. I was a little worried about the quality from the pictures online but I thought I’d take the plunge and share my findings with you guys. After receiving the unit, I hooked it up with 2 Sony NP-F970 batteries and let if run all day with the camera recording AND powering my monitor… 8 Hours later, I called it a day and decided I like this thing. I still haven’t fully tested the unit to see how long it would power the camera and accessories but it’ll give you a full day at least.

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New Libec ALLEX System: Tripod, Head and Slider in One Kit

imageI had not heard much about Libec gear until close to NAB. I’m very interested in seeing their gear here at the show. One of their new offerings is the Libec ALLEX System. This is a Tripod/Head/Slider kit that makes using a tripod and slider together or separately a breeze. Also take note of how the camera is removed from the tripod. Thats HOT! The ALLEX System will be available in Augest of this year. Check out the video and details below.

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