5 Reasons Why Video People Need This: Peter Hurley’s The Art Behind The Headshot

I don’t consume a lot of photography training, or at least I didn’t until I had the opportunity to watch this Headshot tutorial DVD. I had always assumed photography was a completely different world with little crossover. And I think a lot of us foolishly believe that filmmaking/video is a superior medium that evolved from photography. Especially with all the hubbub of the DSLR video movement.

Patrick from FStoppers.com contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in checking out their recent DVD release “Peter Hurley: The Art Behind The Headshot” I snap off a few stills on a lot of my projects so if anything I thought I might walk away a better stills shooter.

But upon watching this extensive 4 hour DVD, I realized how valuable this course is. Even to video folk like us. Here are 5 reasons you should check it out too:

1. Photography in Video Projects

I have found that in a lot of video gigs I get hired to shoot, I end up snapping off a few stills for various post reasons. Video thumbnails, web ad graphics, covers, and several other reasons. I always HATED photographing people because I sucked at it. Sure I know my camera like the back of my hand, but that be no means constitutes good photography. I lacked everything Peter Hurley teaches in this course.

So even if you aren’t a “photographer” these skills can be a huge asset to your business and to your clients.

2. Directing

I don’t care what project your working on, if you have to directed people in anyway this tutorial is of huge value. Most of my gigs are documentary style interviews. And everyone comes in stiff and uncomfortable. In this DVD Peter takes people like this and by the end of his session has them performing like champs. Even if you never snap off a still, knowing how to direct people and get them comfortable enough to convey their story is a crucial skill to have.

3. Business is Business

  • How much should I change?
  • What kind of packages should I offer?
  • When do I raise my prices?
  • How do I market my services?

I don’t care if you are a photographer or if you are selling purple widgets to Smurfs, business is business. Peter shares golden information in this department, answering questions anyone offering a service would have.

4. Workflow

You can always learn something by watching a pro go through his process. From getting the client in, to shooting, and the final steps of printing and payment, Peter walks you through his workflow and covers all the bases.

5. Lighting

While its not the defining factor in his work, Peter shares how he lights his background and subject. A couple little tips I picked up in this section was worth the whole DVD. He shows you how using almost nothing he can still get a killer headshot (see what I did there?).

So What are You Waiting For?

I can’t praise this tutorial enough. Its educational, entertaining, and so valuable to anyone who works with people in photography or film. If you aren’t sold on it yet check out this video below to get a feel for the course. Also check out the 20 minute preview of the DVD here.