Business Software For Freelancers, Filmmakers, and Photographers

Most of the content on DSLR Video Shooter is gear/dslr related. Well, I am breaking out of the norm today to share with you some super useful software I use for business and couldn’t live without.

ThingsBest Task Management App Ever

With a video + web business, blogger/podcasting, speaking, part time gigs, and collaboration projects, there is a lot to do everyday! And to help me keep track on it all I call upon my favorite software on my laptop. Things is a task management software that is based off of the Getting Things Done philosophy. And it works. I have Things integrated across computers, devices, address book, calendar, and email.

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Billings – Billing Software

When it comes to keeping track of editing hours, clients, invoices, I turn to Billings. Billings takes the stress out of managing time and invoices. For a lot of us startup freelancers this is an area we tend to operate poorly. So before you work another hour pick up this $35 software.

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Koku – Money Management Software

Most creatives hate accounting. We like colors and image concepts not numbers. Koku is a powerful yet simple software that makes money management a much more pleasant task. Oh and it has pretty graphs.

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Turbo Tax – Tax Management Software

I Hate dealing with taxes. I don’t like handing over my money, nor the mentally retarded process that accompanies it. That is why every year I turn to Turbo Tax. Not only does Turbo Tax make filing easier, it also ensures I am getting the most out of my return.

So grab your copy for this years tax time so you can get it done, and get back to creating.

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