DSLR Film: Act of Valor

I had the opportunity to see Act of Valor last night at a prescreening (shout out to Christopher Kou for the invite).

You all should definitely check the film out. It was shot almost completely with the 5D, and 7D. It was interesting seeing the evolution of Shane Hurlbuts use of DSLRs in the film. There are a couple scenes where it looks like it was shot at 30FPS and twixtored down the 23.97. Especially in one night scene early in the film where a male and female are walking down the street you can see the lights in the background doing crazy things.

The film is loaded with COD style first person shots which really worked. Most of the time I couldn’t believe they used HDSLRs. The film as a whole is beautiful. And of course the story is incredible. Huge props to Bandito Brothers and the Hurbut Visual team for delivering such a fantastic film.

Check out the making of video, and the trailer: