Episode 37: Sony A77 – Not It’s Time.

First off I have to apologize for taking so long to get this review up. I had this camera in for review the same time Dave Dugdale did and he posted his quite a while ago. Check out his review below as well. Unlike Dave, I did not shoot a lot of footage with this camera. Sure I dinked around with it but whenever I reached for a camera to shoot something I chose the 7D, or the Sony 5n. That should say a lot about what I think about this camera.

My general synopsis is this: Cool new focus and EVF tech, slow camera, ISO cap at 1600 ain’t cool, the cropped sensor turns me off. These things may have been accepted back in the “dark ages” when we didn’t expect better video features from DSLRs but that time is no longer. Think I am totally off? Whats your opinion?

If you are seriously considering getting this camera for video use please watch the whole review.

Quicktime File.

Dave Dugdale’s Video Review

Check out his post here for more info.

Gear mentioned in this video

Sony A77 with Kit Lens

Sony 24-70mm F2.8 Zeiss Zoom

Sony 50mm F1.4