Episode 39: Building a Flexible Top Handle Rig


Looks like Express35 Changed their handle design so it functions more like the Cinevate handle. So you might be able to find a more affordable option elsewhere or just use the Cinevate handle.

Friction monitor arms for a top handle, who knew? Check out this simple yet efficient rig.

Quicktime File.

Parts List

Cinevate Base Plate (Option 1)

Fairly expensive but a truly solid baseplate. If you plan on building out larger rigs this thing is build for larger work horse uses, as well as simple minimal setups.

Affordable Manfrotto Style Base Plate (Option 2)

Not as many mounting options as the cinevate baseplate, but it is a fraction of the price. Get a couple if you can so you can use the same baseplate on multiple rigs, tripods etc.

Friction Adjustable Arm

These are great. There are so many uses for these arms so if you every switch up your rigging you will always have a use for one of these.

READ UPDATE ABOVE – Express35 Grip (Handle 1)

Really nice grip and can be used on 15mm rods. This is the grip you saw at the beginning of the video above.

Cinevate Grip (Handle 2)

This grip is a little more affordable than the Express35 one. And it has a 1/4″ male thread for accessories.