Genustech Matte Box Lite Kit Review


Clip on matte boxes are very important for DSLR shooters, or really anyone using still lenses for video. The problem with a lot still lenses is that they move when you focus or zoom the lens. This is a big problem when you have a rod mounted matte box because the lens will hit the filters and could cause damage to the lens or the filters. And if you back the lens up to much you will get vignetting.

The solution is to use a clip on matt box which will travel with the lens. The other benefit, is you don’t need rods for the matte box, so you can have a very light and fast rig without being tied to a rod based rig system.

This is where the Genustech Matte Box Lite Kit comes in. It is the perfect budget clip on matte box for any shooter. Watch the Genustech Matte Box Lite Kit review below and check out the pros and cons to see if this is the right matte box for you.

Video Review


  • Works perfectly with moving zoom lenses
  • Affordable
  • Light
  • Clip on
  • Eyebrow Flag
  • Rotating filter tray
  • Small formfactor


  • No way to mount to rods
  • No side flags
  • Only 1x filter tray

Should You Get it?

Yes. Unless you’re in need of 2+ filter trays or have to use a rod mounted matte box. I really love this matte box and this it is perfect for those of us who might need to use a matte box, but don’t need a giant expensive one that will collect dust.

Genustech Matte Box Lite Kit