Genustech PV Matte Box Review

By now we’ve reviewed a couple different Matte Boxes including the Genustech Lite Matte Box, Supamods Matte Box, Kamerar Matte Box and today we take a look at the Genustech PV Matte Box.

I really like this matte box. I like it A LOT. It really has everything you would need in a matte box. Rod support and clip-on make this an incredibly versatile tool for filters. The rotation and fixed trays give you a ton of flexibility and this thing is built like a tank. Since doing this review I’ve purchased some filters and have decided to purchase this matte box myself so I’m putting my money where my mouth is!

Genustech PV Matte Box $667+

Product Highlights

  • Strong
  • Clip-on AND rod based
  • Top and side flags
  • 4×5.56 Filter trays
  • Two filter trays (one rotating)