I am not one of those link hogs who only promotes myself, I would be foolish to think that only I have knowledge to share about this revolutionary change in video camera form factor. That said here is a list of blogs and website I follow that are must reads for anyone using or interested in DSLR for film and video.

  • Shane Hurlbut – Shane is creating incredible films with these cameras. Learn what he is using and how he does it on his blog.
  • Philip Bloom – If you haven’t been following Bloom’s tweets and his blog than your missing out on a huge about of great info from one of the leader HDLR filmmakers.
  • Vincent Laforet’s Blog – Another leader in the DSLR cinematography.
  • Canon Filmmakers – Created by the awesome Jon Conner and Christina Valdivi.
  • Cinema5D Forum – You will finding video and filmmakers from all walks of life sharing valuable information here.
  • The C47 – Jem Schofield talks about HDSLRs, lighting, audio and production tips in his daily podcast “Gear Box.”
  • Negative Spaces Blog – Video engineering, HD production and digital cinema┬ácontent by Ben Cain.
  • 16×9 Cinema Convergence Podcast – Video, photography and motion graphics convergence podcast.
  • FreshDV – Gear blog covering a range of HDSLR topics.
  • DSLR News Shooter – dedicated to the use of the latest HD-DSLRs for news, documentary and factual shooting. Run by Dan Chung.
  • Planet5D – DSLR Video forum.

If you think I am missing one please let me know in the comments!