Senal SMH-1000 Headphones: Affordable Studio Monitoring Headphones

In this video Caleb talks about the importance of good headphones and why he likes the Senal headphones for monitoring audio.

NOTE: Sorry about the poor lighting and grade, banged this video out before a trip and didn’t have much time to work on it.

Reasons Why You Need Legit Headphones

  1. You will look legit.
  2. You will BE legit.
  3. You will pick up on things you would have never heard on your apple earbuds.
  4. Studio headphones are designed to help audio techs hear things that other people aren’t interested in listening for, such as wind noise, airplanes etc.

Caleb’s Recommendation: Senal755659-1000

Product Highlights

  • Closed-Back, Over-Ear Circumaural Design
  • Rugged Design for Field and Studio Use
  • Detachable, Twist Locking Cable Design
  • Midrange Refined to Reduce Ear Fatigue
  • EQ Curve For Pro Field and Studio Use
  • Collapsible For Easy Storage
  • Soft Replaceable Ear Cushions
  • 10′ Coiled, 3′ Straight Cables Included
  • 1/4″ Gold-Plated Adapter Included
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty